1 year – I have finally found meaning. I have found the depth and the beauty of life.


I am here to tell you today, if you haven’t already heard it enough: PMO will do nothing to help you in this world. It will not bring you closer to others and help you form deeper relationships. It will not bring you that girl you’ve always wanted or give you the confidence to talk to her. It will not help you do better in school or your marriage. It will not make you excel in your job or give you the clarity or energy to get the promotion you want. It will not bring you closer to your goals or dreams. It won’t help you be a better friend, son, uncle, dad, friend, coworker, or lover. None of that.

You see, we are given these beautiful gifts every day, these opportunities to live and connect and be the best person we can be. And for years I chose to deprive myself so that I could immerse myself in filth. I stand here today to tell you that I WILL BE DAMNED if I let a pathetic drug ever hold me back ever again. I WILL BE FUCKING DAMNED if I ever reduce my life to isolation and low self esteem, without any flutter of meaningful relationship in sight.

Because I have finally found meaning. I have found the depth and the beauty of life. More importantly I found myself. And nothing is worth giving it up for. Especially not 20 seconds of guilty dirty dysphoria.

Brothers and sisters, the real world is out there. Waiting for you. Life is amazing and full of such wonderful treasures that are thrown away everyday due to addiction. Please. PLEASE. I BEG YOU. Take the leap of faith. Dive into the waters of life. Find yourself and your place in this world.

You will be blown away by the depths of life’s colors, the richness in her experiences waiting for you to be had. And all it takes is a leap of faith. By leaving this addiction you open the door to life. To real living. To meaning. To happiness. All of this starts with you, and your conscious decision to give up PMO. It is never to late to start your journey. And will not regret it. I certainly haven’t.



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by NoneForMeThanks