1 year – I swear everything has changed. I was a pathetic, slime of a human being.

I swear everything has changed. Now I look in the mirror and I can say to myself honestly, you are great. I love me. 364 days ago, you would not have recognized me. I was a pathetic, slime of a human being.

A disgusting pathetic slug, that could do nothing but fantasize about what I’ll never have because who could love such a loser.

Since I’ve been at the gym, I’ve gained at least 20 lbs of muscle. I swear I can lift like a mother******.

Not to mention the sex, after about 6 months of no PMO I had 3 fwbs (5 now). I feel like a rock star! And the best part is, I never have to do it again.

Sometimes I get messages from people who are struggling; it makes me happy to help them. I have to remind them that if they aren’t ready for a spiritual experience, they should go back to their hole and wank. Because after all, it takes a man to do this. And I realized that after I passed the 90 day mark.

Now that I’ve joined the upper tiers of this forum I realize that not everybody gets to be a man among boys. And I’m not being self righteous, I’m confident. After all, isn’t the point of nofap to be honest and tell people they don’t have it in them since they can’t help relapsing.

Oh well, at least I’m on the football team now. That’s probably the best benefit of all.

LINK – After one year of nofap..

by what_everman