1 Year – It’s been a really crazy life changing ride.

I’ve not masturbated since last Christmas (almost a year), and it’s been a really crazy life changing ride.

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a full case study I’ve been doing for myself over the past year?

I talks about my negative side effects (one main one), the honest benefits I’ve had and about meditation, yoga, breathing and diet.

I’d just write it up in an article, but only felt like I should if it would benefit somebody?

Update: I’ve been really digging deep and going through all them old photos, memory’s and basically re-living the past few years to make this something that will give as much value as I can through my experiences, and hopefully it will be as good as you awesome people deserve.

Truly I couldn’t thank you all enough for all the awesome feedback and comments everyone has left.

LINK – Not Masturbated In A Whole Year (Benefits?)

by CalisthenicsBlog