1 year – My mentality has drastically changed towards women, studies, work, relations & life

What an incredible community with amazing people. I can’t believe that an internet community could influence my daily life, even in a little way.. but it definitively did. All of you are already successful by recognizing you have a problem. That’s the first step in the rebooting process.

Congrats!! I don’t precisely remember when I started nofap, neither counted the number of relapses in that period but I definitively know that I changed A LOT entirely or partially thanks to nofap.

My mentality drastically changed not only towards women, but also towards my studies & work, relations and life in general in a POSITIVE WAY. Some immediate changes :

  • I have much more energy. What the hell seriously. I always assimilated porn & fapping with relaxation. I never realized before that it actually sucked all my energy away and affected my daily life. Instead of staying at home playing video games or watching Netflix; I want to get shit done. I want to work. I want to surround myself with people, with friends, family.
  • I have a positive mentality. I can’t say that every day is pink and easy but I definitively see improvements in my inner self. I’m much more positive towards challenges and life. When I encounter difficulties, I don’t surrender. I’m fighting the hardest I can to beat that fucking problem. I feel like a warrior that nobody can stop. I’m now in control of my life, not counterwise.
  • I feel more emotions. I enjoy more daily life. Before nofap I always lived in the past. I never realized that the present has much more to offer than I could think. It’s the present that makes the past. It’s the future that will make your present.
  • Time realization. Time flies like a rocket. I thought there would always be a tomorrow. NOPE. You can be dead in a few minutes. Did you enjoy what you did today? I have realized that I need to make each day the best one. I have to schedule/organize my days to get the most of out it. Fuck daily browsing of Facebook/Twitter/Reddit/YouPorn. I have to stay focused on my short or long term goals that I want to achieve. You need to relax of course, but do it purposely and schedule it like every other task in your day.

Other achievements :

  • I translated that extra energy in being productive. Thanks to my perseverance, hard work and positive mentality; I was hired as a programmer in one of the biggest tech company’s. I couldn’t dream better.
  • I go 4 times a week to the gym since 6 months. I never skipped a single session. My body has completely changed. I took 6kg of muscles. My family, friends compliments the improvements. It is such a pleasant feeling to know you are noticed.
  • My confidence level has skyrocketed. Before nofap, I was always know like the “mister nice guy” AKA a moron that could never take decisions, tried to please everyone and imagined that girls were unreachable, only reserved for “coolios” that I couldn’t deserve. WHAT THE HELL DID I THINK. Since nofap, I never interacted with so many girls. When I go out, I don’t wait for the “signal”. When I see a girl that attracts me, I just go talk to her. Sometimes it fails, sometimes it succeeds. Sometimes the girls even take the initiative. Some weeks ago, a girl approached me and kissed me in the club, without having to say a word.

Other story that I would like to share :

There was an event going on in my city, a classical open bar thing on the streets. I went there with a few friends. I saw a beautiful girl not far away from me, having fun with a group. Without letting my mind starting the classical debate “What will she think? Are you sure you are good enough for her? It’s not a good idea to approach her when her friends are there..“, FUCK IT I decided to talked to her. My opening was really bad; nothing was prepared and I didn’t what I would say before I approached her. But…. I asked her number before I moved on. She accepted. We are fucking warriors, we have to try guys. I definitively not regret what I did. That’s the girl I’m now dating for 1 month. I couldn’t be happier.

If I didn’t forced myself out of my comfort zone, we would never have met. I would still be regretting. I would still be fapping on pixels. I would still be a miserable guy.

Nothing worth having comes easy. You have all the power to change. You are the only one in charge of your future. Create short and long term goals and stick to it. Each one of you is already a step ahead compared to a great part of the world (= fappers!) . Take the next step and conquer the world <3

LINK – One year of nofap experience

by Jesuisnofap