100 day report – How NoFap literally changed my life

Finally, I made it. Funny how the last days passed quicker than the first ones. I barely checked my day count until I got close to 100. The first 3 weeks were the hardest and it have been a lot easier ever since. I have completely forgotten porn and masturbation. These are not regular thoughts anymore. Fapping just lost his appealing aspect about 2 months ago and the thought never crossed my mind since. I simply realized its meaningfulness and that it brought nothing but pain and despair to me.

I am now a much better man than before. You know what’s funny? 3 months ago, I were you. I was new to this subreddit and I read these 90 or 100 days report. I didn’t believe them. I was thinking: « Superpowers, really? Are you kidding me? It changed your life, now you’re happy, successful and confident? You must be lying». I was a pessimist. I didn’t believe anything that was here because I thought the internet was full of lies. Well, it kinda is but not here.

Believe it or not but my life has improved a lot. My happiness skyrocketed! I know this sounds too good to me true but it is. As I did 100 days ago, I didn’t believe it but you will too eventually.

Now the part that looks like a Hollywood movie: I GOT THE GIRL. Yeah I know, you’re not supposed to do NoFap to get women. But as my confidence in myself improved, my charisma did too. About 2 months ago, I suddenly had the balls to stand up, go to her and speak to her. Fast-forward to two weeks ago: she confessed her love to me. Now we are in a relationship. Then I got in shape; I can finally see my abdominal muscles! And last week I got the job of my dreams !

I have NO intention to stop NoFap. The benefits are simply too huge to ignore. Next goal: 1000 days.

LINK – 100 days report; how NoFap literally changed my life

by TotallyNotUnicorn