100 DAYS – Better grades and lower stress levels.

Today is the 100th day I’ve gone without masturbating. My original goal was 50 but when I got close, I decided to double it up. Here I am, and here is what I’m going to do:

1.) I’m going to continue for a little while. I go back home for winter break in two weeks so I figured I’d just hold out until then.

2.) I’m going to masturbate again. As you’ve probably figured out from what I wrote before. I realized that many of you are trying to kick a porn habit that’s been affecting your lives. However, for me, masturbating and porn never really affected my life. I just did it a lot. I don’t look at girls as alien creatures that are impossible to communicate with. I just wanted to see if I could make it this far, and I have so my goal has come to fruition.

3.) I will do nofap again. While I only did this to see if I could make it this far. I have noticed some improvements in my life, such as better grades and lower stress levels. So when I return to school in January for my spring semester, I will do nofap again.

I want to thank everyone on here because I truly believe that everyone here as helped me reach my goal.

LINK – 100 Days!

by GJazzBass