100 Days – More confidence & energy, Greater inner peace, More respect from family & friends, Clearer perception, Sleep better


100 Days! Short Term Goal Completed! First I want to say thank you all members of the NoFap community for helping me stay motivated throughout my journey … it’s a blessing to even have a platform so we can share our thoughts and perceptions with each other, to ultimately help one another and help ourselves.

This road wasn’t as easy as I thought it’ll be in the beginning, to be honest the start of this journey was the roughest part of the road yet but as I managed to past the first couple of weeks, everything went uphill from there, as far as my urges, mindset, motivation, attraction, etc…

This No PMO lifestyle does work. I’ve been through flatlines that I thought I wouldn’t overcome mentally, felt my self esteem was at my lowest, and even my mind started to play tricks on me so that I can masturbate as an excuse for feeling so low… but I never gave up and never gave in. Anything is possible, if you believe you can succeed at something and focus all your attention on it as well as putting your heart into achieving it, it can be so. I would like to share some of the benefits I’ve achieved on my road of NoFap:

– More Confidence
– Better Sleep Quality
– Clearer Skin ( Almost A Glow On The Face Area )
– Higher Women Attraction ( People Attraction In General )
– More Respect From Family, Friends, and Strangers (on an unconscious level)
– Perception On Certain Situations Are Clearer
– Outlook On Life Is More Positive ( Most Of The Time )
– More Energy Throughout The Day Whether Your Playing Sports, Working, Running Errands, Etc…
– Vivid Dreams
– More Inner Peace

I would say these are most of the benefits I’ve gained but I know that I probably missed a couple more or there are more benefits to come. This is the time to change your life for the better, upgrade yourself and learn self discipline so that you can grow to be a better version of yourself everyday! I’m doing it and you can too! Now I will be focused on my next goal, my long term goal which is 365 days of NoFap [1 year]. I’m grateful for everything I’ve experienced in life so far, the good and the bad, and I’m ready for the new challenges ahead!

Thank you to all for being apart of my lifestyle growth & change. Namaste. – Free

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by Freeee


UPDATE  – 6 Months

So far so good … I am exactly half way to my goal of No PMO and I must say that I’m very proud of myself on how far I’ve gotten . Although I want to hit my year goal that I’ve made for myself, I understand now that this is not just for the sake of that goal… I am making this a lifestyle . The life changes,positivity,perception on life itself, and other benefits that I’ve experienced on this journey so far are so incredible that all I can do is be humble and appreciative… so thankful that I’ve found this . Yes, I still have some rough days here and there but nothing compares to how I was feeling a couple of years ago… this is a blessing and a half for me . I would like to share some of the benefits I’m experiencing on NoFap so far:

* Perception of life is more positive
* More calmer ( I’ve always been calm but now I’m calmer within )
* No nightmares
* More confidence (still progressing)
* More energy
* Not quick tempered
* More heart ( Not giving up on things so easily )
* No depression
* Focus increased
* Increased patience towards humans

I hope you guys gain some motivation from this and know that this is “real” … holding in your seed, preserving your “life” is one of the keys to happiness. I am a firm believer in this because I am a witness. Some will experience the benefits more than others… some quicker than others but with the right mindset to change, you WILL gain something from NoFap .

So here’s to my road so far and here’s to my road upcoming !

We can all win !