100 days of hardmode – The results!


This is my first post here, and I regret that. I regret it because this community has provided me with a immeasurable amount of support and been a crucial part of my reaching 100 days. The benefits of nofap began perhaps earlier than day 5 so I should have posted sooner.

That said I have passed the 100 day mark and here’s my results, all of which have basically been snowballing in effectiveness.

  • Motivation, the difference is insane, I am ten times more driven in all areas of my life, I work out 5 times a week and never make excuses. I am more driven at work and I am actively pursuing girls when I would have just stared at them and beat off later.
  • Eye contact, I find it easy to maintain eye contact with girls, men I pass on the streets and friends or colleagues.
  • Testosterone, I can’t be convinced by those who say the benefits of nofap on testosterone peak at week one. My testosterone levels seem to have risen steadily and now I can feel it in my veins constantly. – Improved gains but temper/ aggressiveness is much worse
  • Girls – this is no placebo people. I catch girls looking at me from far across a busy room constantly, then maintaining eye contact and smiling. They flirt more and want to touch me more. I chalk this down partly due to the increased testosterone making my every movement give off sexual energy and partly because of my increased eye contact and confidence – which I will address next.
  • Confidence – I used to be self hating and Very unconfident. I would act arrogant to hide the fact that I thought very little of myself. Nofap has made me feel so much better about how I look, my self control, and my morals. I respect myself now and that makes me act with confidence.
  • Discipline – it is no secret to anyone who has attempted any sort of streak that it is an intense exercise in discipline. I think discipline works like a muscle and succeeding in such an intense discipline work out has drastic effects. I could write pages on the benefits of discipline but I think it is the single most powerful trait a person can cultivate in themselves.

On top of these I can list walking taller, a deeper voice, better skin and hair and crazy amounts of excess energy. I’m sorry if this is a little long winded but I hope that this inspires one of you good people to continue your streak or start today! /nofap/ is very real and the benefits far outweigh the difficulty! Stay strong and keep going.

LINK – 100 days of hardmode – The results!

by ThrowAwayNo212