10x more creative when working on my album


I normally speak french, so I’ll try my best to make this readable… So, 2 months and a half of NoFap: I completely stopped smoking weed and barely drink alcohol (i used to go quite hard with the liquor), I workout every day, I meditate every day, I take 5 minutes ice cold showers every morning (major game changer),

I read books, I am getting better grades at school, I am better at my job, im feeling 10x more creative when im in the studio (im working on an album), I talk to everybody and try to do something positive everyday when I walk on the streets, I appreciate things a lot more in general (nice people, art, moments etc) Man… Never thought I could do that much things and be that positive about life… Im not saying its all due to the fact that I stopped masturbating, but it was clearly the first step that allowed me to make these big life changes!

YOU’RE BRAIN IS A FUCKING BULLY! You know when someone tries to intimidate you, convince you to do something or whatever, and you decide to completely ignore that person. His first reflex will be to try harder and put more pressure on you, which makes it tougher for you to keep not giving a fuck. If you get through that second “attack”, the person will probably see that its not worth it to try bothering you anymore and will get off you. Think about the same process with your brain: the moment you stop fapping for a couple days, the brain starts panicking and feeling like he’s losing the influence he normally has on you. The 2-3 first weeks of NoFap are probably the hardest because you’re getting rid of an habit that has been following you for a while and your brain is not so happy with that idea at first, so he does everything he can to bring you back to the habit. But once you show him that you are serious about stopping that shit and that you wanna move forward, he will start to understand and he will slowly accept it. Im personnally starting my 3rd month of Nofap and I feel like the last month was really easy. My brain sometimes tries to strike again and give me small urges but if I dont pay too much attention to him he gives up quickly. If you want it to be easy, make it easy, its really that simple. Think about how your brain is tricky and analyse his ” strategies”. Once you know you’re enemy’s strategy, its easier to beat him. Im saying “enemy”, but you can also make your brain your best friend if you prove him that you’re tough enough to hang out with him. Anyway, the idea is to adopt that ” Hey brain, don’t even try this shit with me, you’re waisting your time ” mentality. And don’t focus on not fapping, focus on doing a lot of cool things and becoming a better human. The real benefits of not fapping come from what you do with the energy boost and the free time that you gain from doing this.

Sorry again if it was harsh to read, but hey I wish y’all the best, keep it up and have a great day!


LINK – Feeling so fucking A1

By Ludo03