130 days – Delayed ejaculation and ED nearly healed

After 3 months of nofap I was still unable to cum from a blowjob, only from sexual intercourse. Well Eventually I Was able to cum from a blowjob but only if I was doing the thrusting. I could not just lay back and get a blowjob to completion. Well 4+ months into my journey I can tell you I am still making progress as Now I can cum from a blowjob without me doing anything.

I’ve been orgasming with my partner by various means about once or twice a week for the past 4 months. In my old life I would PMO everyday. I would have 120 orgasms that all felt weak as fuck.

Now, I am with my partner and 1 orgasm feels better than 120 PMO orgasms combined; I’ve been having 1 or 2 of these orgasms a week for the past 4 months!

LINK – Day 130 and still making progress.

by YesReboot


But yeah, healing can be a long process for some. That doesn’t mean there isn’t still more levels of healthy sex to be unlocked. I would not be surprised if I am still making progress and hitting new milestones in another 4 months.

Also, my PIED isn’t 100% gone, but I would say it is at least 80% gone. If I ever get soft mid-way through sex it will quickly get hard again after some stimulation.