197 days later I am feeling more free than ever in my life.

Hello all, I am but a mere lerker on this subreddit – quietly reading your posts in the background but too afraid/ashamed/whoknowswhat to make myself known. I have tried to give up porn so many times. I have cried, been angry with myself, hated myself – all the works which come with the frustration of failing, but I’m here to tell you YOU CAN BREAK IT.

6 months ago I had told no one about my struggles and was trying to go about it alone. Attempt, Fail, Repeat was my method. However, enough became enough and I spoke out to a friend. This act alone brought it into the light and helped me massively in my attempt to cut porn out my life. 197 days later I am feeling more free than ever in my life.

I want to send this out as an encouragement to all those guys (and gals) out there who don’t think they can break it. YOU CAN. Anyone can. Tell someone you trust, get it out into the open, and don’t be ashamed. You have all made the best choice in your life to try and stop, and this is not a decision to be ashamed of. You are all warriors, and us warriors need to band together to break this habit together.

I have seen such an improvement to my life over the last 197 days – I am more confident, less negative and have made much stronger friendships with girls.

So I want to encourage you all. Stick in there and YOU CAN ACHIEVE. You are already on one of the most important journeys of your life and nothing will undo the progress you have already made. Don’t beat yourselves up and keep positive.

Thank you to everyone who posts encouragement on this subreddit. You are all amazing people! This is my first Reddit post, so apologies for any lacking Reddit etiquette!

TL;DR Finally managed to give up Porn. Many improvements to life in 197 days. Anyone can do it, keep strong and massive kudos to you all, because even being on this subreddit shows you want to break it.

LINK – Almost 200 days porn free

by gratawon