2 years – I went from a socially reclusive 18 year old to someone who now effortlessly socializes

So next month will be my two year anniversary of my abstinence of masturbation and reflecting on things, my life has changed out of recognition from my past self. I went from a socially reclusive 18 year old, who struggled to interact with people even in the most simple of ways, to someone who now effortlessly socializes with people without any real trouble.

I went from a complete virgin (both romantically and sexually) to someone who has a decent amount of sexual experience and has had quite extensive happy relationships. I’ve experienced amazing things in life that my old self could have only dreamed of.

My life is better in almost every way.

But how much of this (if any of it) is down to not fapping? That’s a question I still struggle to answer. For me, NoFap was the launching post to get my life together, it gave me confidence and the potential to become a better, more fulfilled person. But without taking the opportunity that your lack of masturbation presents you with, you’ll be just as worse off as you were before. Get your shit together, and use NoFap as a tool to make that happen.

LINK – I haven’t fapped in over 700 days

by RelevantBanter