2 years – More respect for women/less objectifying, More interested in a relationship, Greater confidence

Anyways other stuff after 2 years of NoFap here are my notes on how it is changed me.

Fapping was an underlying issue in my life causing shame, lack of energy, lack of sexual drive etc, so removing that has had its benefits. It kinda went like this… first few months I was in super rage and horny mode then after that I calmed down a lot and feeling pretty much normal. Point is beast mode doesn’t last forever. Furthermore, I did go through a couple of flatlines. Right now I am just in normal mode, NOT fapping is pretty easy but still challenging at times. I have changed these ways:

  • More respect for Women, less objectifying etc etc
  • No longer interested in Sex alone, now more like an added bonus of a relationship
  • More confidence, like I tend to see beautiful women out and about and I will look at them in the eye (kinda creepy ha)
  • Don’t get sick really anymore, I go for jogs and swim and eat healthy as well so wouldn’t bring that to nofap alone
  • My beard grows pretty well now (might just be growing up lel)
  • Don’t watch or enjoy porn anymore
  • Females seem to be a lot more attracted to me now compared to before NoFap (Still don’t have a GF tho)

Finally, NoFap HAS NOT got me laid (I guess I just don’t really care that much which is why…) and has not got me a GF, so basically NoFap alone won’t get u a GF, u gotta want one. Also I haven’t gone strong for 2 years straight, I have failed here and there. NoFap is just one underlying issue that causes problems if you have other problems u gotta sort them out too! NoFap alone won’t always change your life.

For anyone who is struggling, keep going strong! You can do it! It gets easier after a while just keep persisting, if u commit to NoFap I guarantee you it will be worthwhile.

Bye now! 😛

The Hack!, you’re not gonna like this…. http://www.moralogous.com/2012/04/29/the-purpose-of-circumcision-is-to-ruin-male-sexuality/ (WARNING there are diagrams of doodles…)

Basically circumcision (read the link) will greatly decrease pleasure from jerking it (possibly sex too?) and make nofap a lot easier :). Make of it what you will… I am NOT circumcised so I can’t vouch.

LINK – NoFap Pro Hack (lel) and 2 Years of NoFap Notes…

by TheGreenie123