200 Days – It’s just as good as advertised


I’m 6 days away from 200 days and I’m a different person. I’ve fallen in love, had sex, and done things I always wanted to, mostly thanks to this. I even consider rebooting near 200 days, because it doesn’t seem wrong like it did during 30 – 150 days in.

To me, nofap was half the help, doing acid and heavily evaluating myself and my life was the second thing that helped me get here. Not to forget determination. And a hobby to get by, so I have more time for that, and less for jerking off, which I come to appreciate too, thus just feeling very good in a sort of loop.

Quitting porn was hard, but punishing when I failed. A lot of reality checks will get you by very well.

Safe to say I wish I had come across this before.

LINK – It’s just as good as advertised

by Lime