2nd 90 day report: The benefits seem to come in waves.

Hello fellows,

This is my 2nd 90 day report. My longest streak was 127 days. My current streak is my second longest. My third longest was 58 days and then I had several 3 or 4 week streaks since I started with nofap maybe 2 years ago.

Generally I can say that I like nofap very much because even before nofap I knew after every O it was a waste of time (and cum). You don’t need all this anti-masturbation information. It`s obvious that pmo provides no benefits, but you lose time and remove yourself from your life goals. The act has no dignity. I don’t mind it if someone does it moderately 1 or 2 times a month. I don’t think that this is a problem nor am I anti-Porn. I don’t think that Porn in itself is “bad” but you have to learn to control yourself (like with Alcohol or some foods) but these are only my humble views and everyone is free to disagree.

I never experienced really “superpowers” (but don’t doubt that others do) but I noticed some small changes:

  • The benefits seem to come in waves. They are not present every day but suddenly there is a change in something
  • Colors (especially bright ones) look far more fascinating and really beautiful. Something that you wouldn’t notice, when you don’t do nofap. I experienced this already in earlier streaks and read about it in a treatise from an Indian guru about semen retention. (It can’t be a placebo because I experienced it before I read about it). It`s not the most important thing but it shows that nofap really leads to changes in your perception
  • I need less regeneration. Even 2 hours after a gym session I want to go running or do sports again what can help you when you want to lose weight or excel in sports but I’m not stronger in the gym.
  • There were days (not every day) during the streak where really every women seemed to be attracted or they at least watched at me (I couldn’t read their minds), but I experienced this phenomenon also in times with fapping: On some days women are more attracted, on some days less.

– as I said in the beginning: you have more time and the new found self-control can help you in all areas of life.

– the negative effects of fapping like tiredness or brainfog don’t occur. So you feel simply normal. (And thus you have a feeling of wellbeing and healthiness)

– most of the time I had a flatline with sometimes really zero sexual interest, what can help you when you have to do work etcetera

– one thing that doesn’t seem to be an advantage: The skin on my manhood looks little bit more wrinkled (dont know why but I also experienced this phenomenon in earlier streaks)

One tip: If you have urges: avoid triggers, don’t even watch at clothed beautiful women like they are depicted everywhere. When you are stronger than it`s no problem.

You can do it also!

LINK – My 2nd 90 day report

by MetellusPius