3 years of trying – I didn’t turn into a god but it sure has incredible benefits

It took me a long time to realise that the monkey on my back was actually the D in my hand. Once I found this out and signed up for nofap things started to change. I´ve started out in 2012 and only now I finally managed to get to this point.

My best streak before this one was 33 days ([now 89 days] That´s what I call progress!)

I didn´t turn into a god but it sure has incredible benefits:

  • Clear state of mind. You think less about jerking off and more about your life, your goals, your duties, your friends and family.
  • You can talk to other people in a calm and relaxed manner. (Still can´t look someone in the eyes for more than a few seconds though. Everything above 10 seconds starts to feel creepy to be honest.)
  • Discipline, Determination, Persistence growth of 1000%. Seriously. You get stuff done.

Well a couple more:

  • You´re in a good mood all the time. Even when you had a rough day. You´re more organized. You/I read more. Watch no TV at all anymore. Don´t game anymore (not that I really was before). No alcohol. No smoking. No drugs. No gambling. Becoming an early riser (6:00 AM every fricking morning). Make more music. Finish tracks and have them sound good. (<– well I make music. You won´t start making music just because you´ve quit fapping lol) mmaaaaannny many more benefits. Too much to list here.

I know I´m not fully recovered. You can´t recover from – 10 years of pornabuse in 3 months! You just can´t. BUT. You can lay a damn solid foundation that´s gonna keep you from going back to your old habits.

Those 90 days are like a huge brick wall you´ve build between yourself and your dirty ol habit. There´s no going back!

After a certain amount of days it gets easier. You think less about “it” and focus on the important aspects of life.

Just keep trying over and over and over and over and over and over and over…and over again. That´s the only way to succeed in anything in life basically!

Edit 1: I just felt soo good I´ve relapsed…

Edit 2: Edit 1 was a joke. 90 days here I come!

LINK – 89 Day Report

by notouchingbro