3 years – tons of resets – 718 days in

Started Faping to porn around 9 or 10. Fapped to porn no less than 6 times a day until I was 18. Joined the military at 18. No porn in boot camp, did not fap either. This made me a leader, focused and more productive than I had ever been.

Being 18 I couldn’t connect the dots and after boot I resumed my porn usage.

I am Don John: About me. If you have ever seen the movie, this is what I mean. I didn’t join no fap to get laid or get a girlfriend. I wasn’t a 40 year old virgin. Truth be told (and I never share this) I have slept with over 200+ woman. I’m not proud of this. In fact I’m ashamed; I’m ashamed because half of these woman were prostitutes. Along with my porn addiction, I am sex addict. Like Don John , I met a beautiful woman, but unfortunately like Don John I lost her. She discovered my porn addiction. I never thought I had a problem. My quick temper, short attention span, and social awkwardness were what I thought to be just my personality. I believed that it was my fate to have constant relationship problems.

The real truth was I didn’t know who or what I was. I fell into a deep depression, I was forced to evaluate what was really wrong. I felt nothing inside but rage and hate. I got into fetishes that many end up at. My relationship with friends and family was terrible. I never thought of ending my life because, there was only one person I cared about, myself.

I never was a pre mature ejaculator but I could not feel my dick toward the end. This lead me to Google search “how do I make my dick more sensitive” or something of that nature. This lead me to ybop and an epiphany. The road to success was long and full of failures. As most good things are. I have reset countless times. Each time however getting stronger and the addiction growing weaker. This was the most difficult thing I had ever done. I won’t dive in to positives or negatives rather if you have any questions I would be more than happy to answer them.

Some things I learned along the way

-super powers are short lived. This is really just the person you are. Don’t be discouraged when you no longer notice them .

-remember that everyone is on there own journey. Try not to be preachy, over come the urge to tell all your friends about this great new thing in your life. Many will either act like you are nutts or a weirdo. Focus on yourself , lead by example. People will then ask , what’s up with you? What’s different ?

-when you begin to improve yourself , always be a sceptic of anyone trying to sell you advice for a price. The eventual realization that 90% of these people are con artists will lead you to lose faith and relapse.

-come here every day and put in some time reading.

-exercise. Helps with confidence. Keeps your hormones on an even keel. -improve every day. Write down your goals and keep a journal.

– I never shot for 90 off the bat, I started with 2 days, gave myself a cheat fap day. And slowly pushed that cheat day out 5 days no-fap 1 day fap. Until the urges were so small I just quit all together.

-I also quit smoking using this method. Quitting cold turkey is rarely an effective recovery tool.

-do this for yourself, by yourself , keep an open mind. Fastest way to relapse is by being distracted by everyone else. Don’t over invest in negativity or positivity.

-keep a journal, build on your accomplishments. Think to yourself is 3 seconds of orgasm really worth all this progress ?

-don’t be afraid to fail. If you were to die today and stand before the man (if he exists) at least you can look back and say you tried. That’s better than 99.999% of everyone else. * failure is inevitable. Learn to live with it. The most successful people in life learn that failure is good and are never discouraged. The sweet isn’t as sweet without the bitter.

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by jayglow


UPDATE – 2 years NOFAP, AMA!

Hello everyone! Recently celebrated 2 years without PMO! Seems lately the forum is clogged up with “new peeps” which is awesome ! There isn’t much advice from experienced no fappers. As you go on with no fap into deep streaks the general consensus is you spend less time on the net and more time accomplishing life goals. Please feel free to ask me anything , no question is taboo and I have no problem answering personal questions !

My story can be found here!