300 days – It took me till I was almost 30 to become a man

Today is day 300 for me. Not 300 days of running from an addiction, not 300 days of being free of some mass scheme to hurt me, not 300 days of some never ending cycle of trigger avoidance and avoiding life. This has been one moment, 300 days ago, of GROWING UP.

It took me till I was almost 30 to become a man. I lacked responsibility, service to others and purpose. The key to coming out on top is growing up, becoming responsible for others and living life in a way that moves you.

Not thinking about others was my first fault. Not helping others and spending enough time in service was leading me astray. I had too much time and thought I was addicted to porn. I thought just like everyone else that porn was a plague of youth and was acting on me. WRONG. Porn is like eating sugar, is like spending money, is like buying clothes, shoes, and any other action of life. You got nothing to do, so you are bored, purposeless and fill time with a sense enjoyment. Guess what? Most people do that in some way and feel like shit afterwards. Stopping the whole addiction nonsense was key to putting the ownership of my laziness on me.

I am not an addict, never was. I was bored and had no one depending on me. Want to get out? Want to grow up? Becoming a man from a boy is simply getting responsible. You need to fill your time with life, with learning and with caring for others. Once I looked at the bigger picture and starting realizing that the way I act affects others, I was able to man up, grow up and get some work done.

Stop going backwards. Stop acting like a child or little kid who sees something and wants to touch it or put it in it’s mouth. Become a productive member of society and get your hands dirty. Build things, learn new skills, meet people in real life, help change someone else by changing yourself.

I chose to use porn. I chose to waste time. Not because my brain was triggering a need for some chemical, but because life lacked meaning. I didn’t realize my potential and I didn’t think anyone else cared. Guess what: they do. Right now someone needs you to be strong, someone needs to lean on you for strength. Be there for them and stop the childish ways.

These past 300 days has brought 3 manuals of right living out of my mind. These past days have brought together hundreds of people that I rounded up who are now changing their lives and becoming the men they want to be. These days have also proven to me that I can accomplish anything, especially when the struggle begins in my own mind.

Stop this silliness. Go outside and breathe some real air. Use your computer for good, not for waste. Don’t run from tech, tech is a beautiful thing and has uplifted society in countless ways. Use wisdom, don’t just get upset and down – actually do something that changes you. Make your actions reflect your values. GET SOME VALUES. I know you got em inside.

My victory is just a part of the countless other cases of boys who realized that they were not teens anymore. The time had come to do some real work and start providing. I grew up and started my life as an actual adult. You can do the same because you have to. Life will not wait for you. Either you figure this out and get some damn courage or it will all float by as you waste away.

Don’t worry about porn, because if you are weak minded then porn is the least of your problems. People are going to pass you up, your health will fall by the wayside without training and nutrition, your job will not promote you, time will pass and you end up as dust. Getting work done means moving, get moving. Fill up your list of to-dos and become a powerful being of success.

Relax, all you need to do is decide. If not today, then when? It is one decision to never go back to junk food, wasteful uses of your day, poor language, poor posture, not enough sunlight, it is all one big package. Choose wisely, because none of it waits for you. The great thing is, when you make that decision to step up, it is yours for the taking.

LINK – Day 300: Grow Up

by SolidSoldier