5 “Superpowers” Examined

Before embarking on my NoFap journey I had been lurking on this sub for some time. Of all the areas that piqued my interest – the alleged SuperPowers stuck out as a point of instant fascination.

I have long been a fan of life-hack authors such as Tim Ferris. Of particular interest to me have been the benefits of good nutrition, exercise, meditation and the quest for self knowledge. The incentive of acquiring SuperPowers like some sort of real life X-Man eventually propelled me into action (or lack of a particular one) and culminated in a 107 day streak.

That streak sadly ended and slowly but surely I slipped back to PMO albeit with much less frequency than before. Now I’m on day 37 of my latest streak. Below are my thoughts & experiences around 5 commonly referenced SuperPowers. I will also give my thoughts around some cynicism I have read on this sub on SuperPowers and why you may not feel their benefits on your own journey. I am a straight 27 y/o dude so my references are all within the context of my own sexual preferences. I’d imagine the same thing applies for gay dudes (just replace Women with Men in the ramblings below)

1. More Attention from Women

“Do NoFap – get laid more” To be honest as base and primal as it may be this is one of key reasons I started and my experience confirmed the truth of it for me. The longest I’ve gone whilst on NoFap without getting laid is 36 days. The longest I’ve gone without getting laid on ProFap (see what I did there?) is 6 months. Around about the 30 day mark on NoFap I notice a lot more women checking me out. Now perhaps they always had been but I had been too “asleep” to notice. My senses seem more highly tuned to pick up on the subtle signals women send that indicate their sexual interest. I’ve had women hit on me much more on NoFap than ProFap. Ive also had more attention from Women in work etc. Now I do read a lot of people saying this particular superpower doesn’t happen for them and heres what I have to say about that.

  • More female attention will not come from NoFap alone. Combine NoFap with getting into shape, eating right, meditation and dressing well and you will start to see a big difference. If anyone wants me to write on a quick guide on my approach to any of the above and how NoFap relates let me know.
  • In Pick Up theory there is something called “Inner Game” – this is the only thing I ever took away from writers such as Neil Strauss and Mark Manson. All that learning lines and “negging” stuff is poppycock. If your thoughts around women are as follows ” I can’t be happy until I have a GF” or “If only I could fuck that girl then I’d be happy” you’ve already lost the game. The source of your happiness needs to be derived from the core of your being and not from the passing sensual delights the world has to offer. If your happiness depends on something that is transient in nature you are setting yourself up for sadness. After the warm embrace dissipates or a relationship dissolves – what then? Enjoy the moments as they come both positive and negative and realise your experience of the world and your emotions adhere to the principle of polarity. Happiness can’t exist without sadness. Know this and your “inner game” will be strengthened and you won’t be so god damn serious about the pursuit of pussy. Which when you think about it within a cosmic context is fairly trivial!

2. Confidence

Confidence is one of the most attractive traits a man can display. In my experience NoFap does wonders for it. The arena this is most evident for me is in the professional world. I have recently moved into a job that requires me to manage a team of people – many of whom were in the company prior to my arriving and probably felt they were deserving of a promotion. Now this is by its very nature is a situation that requires subtle grace in the assertion authority in a non-dickhead way. On NoFap I am much less irritable and overall more calm under pressure and consequently can navigate new terrains with relative ease. Instead of fucking my hand to the artificial stimuli of pixelated porn I am making love to each challenge that life presents me. NoFap has given me this confidence and the below is my pseudoscientific take on why that is.

  • In caveman days and also today – the man with the most resources (food & shelter/ money & power) has his pick of women. Women will be attracted to men who possess power and money as they can provide for them and their offspring better than those without. Men by our very nature want sex. So when fapping to porn we trick our brains into thinking we’re getting sex all the while diminishing our motivation to acquire the very things that women are attracted to: Power & Money. NoFap restores your natural confidence and drive to succeed in life as your brain will be looking for ways to attract women.

Disclaimer: Power and Money are just examples – if you live in a society or within a circle that places value on Spiritual Enlightenment or Owning Nice Shoes then the attainment or inner-pursuit of these will draw women to you. Maybe your gig is sexual transmutation and you just plain up are going the route of celibacy for spiritual purification – that’s cool too. The main idea is that you become a man of integrity and honour through NoFap rather than one who rushes home after work with takeaway curry stains on his crinkled shirt to beat himself blind to porn before falling asleep & starting the whole sorry cycle again the next day.

  • Again if your not feeling an increase in confidence look at the other habits in your life with complete honesty. If you’ve stopped jerking to porn but are still feasting on junk food and playing video games until your thumbs are numb you really cant say that you’re the most your days on this planet!

3. Creativity & Presence

A passion of mine is music. Writing and performing songs and producing tracks. I have been lucky to open for some well known artists over the last few years. I have had people remark on that my stage presence can move from “magnetic” to just “ok” – NoFap is responsible for the former. In work also I have come up better ideas and have the confidence to implement them or bring them to my superiors. This has resulted in promotions and raises in the past!

4. Increased Emotional Sensitivity

I definitely feel the lows of a flatline more intensely as much as I feel the highs of life more joyously. Its all part of the dance. A dance that “buffing the banana” too frequently leaves you unenthused to partake in.

5. More Social

On NoFap I seek out the company of friends more often. Urges as we know can get incredibly strong. I hang out with a bunch of people who would think me a bit of an oddball if I started “cranking the shank” in public. Get out of the house!!! Now I’ve read a lot of people on this saying they mightnt necessarily have many friends. You have my sympathy on that – being social comes easier to some people than others. Having said that the below is something I firmly believe in. – We as human beings are conditioned to identify with our thinking mind. “I’m not a social person” “I have no friends” etc the list of limitational thoughts we construct and unwittingly make part of our self-perception of who we are is endless. Know you are not your mind. Master your mind like a unruly Chihuahua. Watch your thoughts and you will be able to dismiss the ones that do not serve you as soon as they surface. Know this. Who you are is 100% up to you. Create the self you want to be. Doesn’t matter if your 17 or 70. Chip away at the marble to sculpt a masterpiece.

To summarise the attainment superpowers of are just the reclaiming of the alpha traits that are your birthright. Call them superpowers or becoming the man you were meant to be – what we classify them as doesn’t really matter. Just know that there are benefits. Also know NoFap is but one component in reaping said benefits. Know this during all times, bad and good and and stay par for the fucking course.

What are your experiences and thoughts on “superpowers”, any questions on the above. Let me know below and I’ll do my best to respond”?

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by gent27