50 days – Brain fog gone, feelings aren’t cluttered, Confidence at all time high, Anxiety extremely low

I reached 50 days today and I therefore somehow felt obligated to say it out loud.

Brain fog has passed away, feelings aren’t cluttered, sense of living in the moment more easy to achieve and overall I’m feeling healthy! Confidence is at my all time high, anxiety is extremely low and after a very long time in my life, I’m expecting things in a different way. In a like “I’m-gonna-go-get-that” way, if you know what I mean. NoFap also means new unforeseen challenges. More sensitivity and deeper feelings of happiness also -means- more responsibility. You want to become an even better human being.

This is my longest streak too. I haven’t got wings, a hot blond from a repetitive CSI bullshit TV show or a Ferrari Testarossa but lemme just tell you guys this. You get a strong feeling, that gut sense that’s tellin you, that you are now closer than ever // available to receive. Because you’ve removed the biggest roadblock in yourself. The barricade that blocked all gifts of life and made you a demotivated, anxious procrastinator. You’re ready to get educated, to be loved, to experience life with new eyes and with a whole new perspective.

So I’m telling that even though I’m only at day 50 , I’m not really where I wanna be, but now I’m READY!

Ready to face the challenges, to help, to reach my dreams.
(And ready for spring and allergy! Awesome!)

Thanks! //

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EARLIER POST – My First step to a commitment. NoFap

Hey guys. I am totally new at this. The most social media I do is FB and I’m not on that too much. But I will try my best!

My name is Brian and I dream of the self control to not PMO. I dream of all the productive things I could do with my wasted time PMOing. This addiction for me didn’t happen over night so it is going to be a long hard journey for me to quit.

More about me, I have a beautiful wife. My high school sweetheart, my one since we met in 2005. Our 4yr anniversary is today! Sept 30, 2014.
I have 1 son that I can honestly say has changed and saved my life that was going downhill. He is so precious to me and I want to be the best father I can be for him.

Those are 2 absolute reasons I need to stop this horrible habit.

Everyone has there reasons to stop. Whatever it is we need to stop now. Easier said then done right?

My goal is 7 days. Seems like a joke to some but to me… It’s battle. Good luck to everyone committing themselves to this challenge. I will try my very best to come back to this journal everyday. Leave a comment and please give me your support. You can be sure that I will do the same. May God give us strength. I will pray for everyone and I ask that you pray for me.