500+ days – I have had many life changing events and experiences from my brain not relying on PMO

I have reached over 500 days but have never documented or shared my experiences with anyone apart from a few close friends. I think now is a good time to put everything into perspective, into words.

Mainly for myself but if anyone else learns anything from what I have gone through on this journey that would be an added bonus.

I have previously done nofap before. Achieved around the 90 day mark and in that time I got a new job, new girlfriend, was exercising. Many cool things. But I made the mistake of thinking once everything was going well everything is set. I went back to PMO and everything went back to normal. Didn’t like job, lazy, overweight, bad relationship.

I left the job and was able to reflect on the year. I decided that whatever went wrong I will do the complete opposite. I decided to do nofap again and never go back. The first week or so is very hard. You are so tempted to PMO but I always had the end goal in sight.

90 days went by. I was much happier. Outgoing. Talkative. Confident. Everything falling into place.

I kept myself busy all the time. Working, volunteering, exercising, reading, socializing. Anything to keep me out of the house. Life just seemed so much more fun. I think it was my brain looking for kicks all the time now that it wasn’t getting any PMO.

In the 500 days I have visited many countries Rwanda, India, Germany, Tanzania, Ireland, Brazil, Argentina. I would not have had the balls to visit on my own or have any interest I think if I was still PMO’ing.

I volunteered in Tanzania for 10 weeks in a remote village teaching young people how to start their own business. Something I would never have done before.

I became a teacher in Business at around 90 days of the streak and now at 500+ I have decided that I have learnt what I want from teaching and it is time to move on to continue developing.

I feel that if I relapsed it would be the stupidest thing I would have ever done in my life and with that thought I trust myself it won’t happen. I have had too many life changing events and experiences from my brain not relying on PMO and craving real interaction. Relapsing is not even an option.

I am myself. Raw, honest and ready for anything in the world. I still have a lot to experience and a lot to learn.

If there is anything I have learned from this journey is that starting nofap and having the determination to not PMO is just the beginning. To truly gain the best benefits you must take this special opportunity that you have given yourself and continuously challenge and push yourself to your limits. Once you have reached one set of goals. Make new ones. Never be complacent. Complacency is what makes people die in their hearts and minds at an early age.

Do not become complacent.

Live with courage and curiosity.

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by speaker_boxx