57 days pornfree. Feel so awesome!

I want to tell you all that I’ve been pornfree for 57 straight days now. And it is awesome. I feel the spirit inside me, and the great feeling is still going strong. No more depression because of wasting time watching porn. It’s like the heavy boulder on my mind have been lifted for good.

My relationship with my parents, friends, and especially women has also increased significantly. I think clearer, more positive. Feels like each day passed was a really great day, and always waiting for the better next day.

Not even a second in our life worth for porn.

Really really thanks for the support, guys. You are always there when I need you the most.

I hope I won’t need to reset this badge anymore, ever 😀

LINK – 57 days pornfree. Feel so awesome!

by befatnfree


INITIAL POST– free myself. change myself

I want to be free. I want to change myself. I have been addicted to porn for nearly 6 years now. And I am ashamed of this. I want to get rid this feeling of guilt, disappointment, discouragement, demotivation. I’ve got real life ahead me and I don’t want this porn get in my way of everything.

I don’t blame the porn. But I blame myself, for not being able to control this urge, the fake feeling of pleasure while watching porn, these fake imaginations.

I accept that porn is already being part of me. I know that. But I want to control it. I NEED TO. I want to have a happier life than being addicted to porn. I want to have a real relationship, real happines, not some fake feeling from porn.

First step of all, I just created this account. I haven’t been on reddit at all. Not even read an article in reddit. But now I am. From now on I’ll always go check you guys here in pornfree.

Hopefully I can control myself soon and always get motivated being pornfree like you guys