6 Months – I’ve been a better friend, more social, more active, a better worker.


TLDR: Six months ago was the last time I saw porn or PMO’d; quitting porn for my own sake & working through this with a group of like-minded fellas has been huge and totally worth it, even though sometimes it just seems pointless and hard.

Six months ago I PMO’d twice in the same day, which was a lot for me. I want to get married in the next few years and I used to think I would stop my porn use on a dime when I got engaged. But I knew in my heart that wouldn’t happen; I’d have to stop porn on my own and not just for the sake of a woman. I stopped porn for me.

Since I stopped using porn, there have been moments where I’ve gritted my teeth and locked my phone away because I knew I’d relapse if it was near me. I still struggle with “edging” if I don’t pay attention to myself, but now if I find myself batin’ I am able to quickly realize what’s really missing in my life-friendship, food, a shower, sleep, time for relaxing, etc.

There have been great times as a result of stopping porn too. I’ve been a better friend, more social, more active, a better worker. I’ve started a group for guys who want to stop using porn and some great friendships have come out of it. I’ve also been on dates with a new and wonderful woman lately (it looks promising!).

Now I’m trying to stop batin’ and edging altogether. Sometimes I think I can’t do it, but then I remember I used to think of how getting over porn was impossible and I smile because I know this is a winnable fight. Good luck to all you other Fapstronauts – you’ve each got winnable fights too. How much do you want to win?

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by O_Cebreiro