7 months – To say that it’s been life-changing would be an understatement


At this point, not masturbating anymore is my lifestyle–as normal for me as masturbation used to be. I’m far from being in flatline. In fact, I never even had one, nor have I had any wet dreams. I awaken with wood, and I still have all of my normal desires and libido. I just don’t consider doing anything about them anymore. I loved and enjoyed masturbation for years, but I’ve learned to love and enjoy life without it.

My body and mind have adapted to its absence, and I’m enthusiastic about continuing the hard-mode NoFap lifestyle. Who knew that not fapping could be so much fun? Fapping has become an unnecessary and meaningless option, and life without it is good. If a man can change that about himself, he can change anything!

We males have a primal desire to masturbate, but I’ve also always had some deep instinct to want to quit it. I would even fantasize about never getting off. During my teens I couldn’t last longer than two weeks without it, but later I had a few longer streaks up to 41 days. Eventually, I found NoFap.com, and it motivated me to make a highly enthusiastic (even euphoric) commitment to long-term cessation. That was in May of last year, when I was already 15 days into a streak on my own. After more than four months, I decided that I was fully rebooted and could return to limited occasional masturbation and keep it under control. During the month that followed, I allowed myself three masturbatory orgasms, but they only taught me how much I missed the benefits, self-discipline, and pride that I got from total abstinence. So, I happily returned to the new streak that has now lasted seven months. At first, I left my new goal unspecified, but I soon committed to go at least a year. That commitment gave me a new rush of dedication and enthusiasm for NOT doing what I don’t do anymore, and I love it!

To say that it’s been life-changing would be an understatement. I could rattle on about all of the benefits that are usually mentioned (motivation, discipline, social confidence, etc.), all of which are real, but my biggest benefit is moral. I had no moral objection to simple masturbation, but I did have one to my use of pornography. Although I was not nearly as addicted or dependent as some, I could feel the call of increasingly bizarre fetishes, and I knew that none of it pleased God. I thank Him for NoFap and for the chance to have a clear sexual conscience. In addition to that, I’ve found significant benefits in weight loss and muscle gain from new dedication to exercise and nutrition that have come with increased self-discipline.

To summarize: Every man owes it to himself to give hard-mode no-PMO a good long try. I’d hate to have lived my life without having done so. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done.

So, finally, here are my tips to those who would pursue the NoFap lifestyle:

1. Be prepared to leave your comfort zone. Sudden sexual abstinence can be uncomfortable at first, but the benefits are worth every minute of it.

2. If you aren’t excited and enthusiastic about quitting, you aren’t ready to succeed at no-PMO. When the urges come, you’ve got to want to contain more than you want to release. The good news is that you can cultivate excitement and enthusiasm. You’ll know when you’re really ready.

3. Know your WHY. Always keep in mind your reasons for wanting to quit and review them every time you feel like giving in.

4. Don’t try to fight the physical and mental urges. They’re a natural part of male life. Fighting them only frustrates you further. Instead, relax and let them wash past you harmlessly like waves on a beach. You’ll feel them, but each one will last only minutes and then be gone, never to return. There will be others, but this is how you learn to ignore them until they no longer even faze you. Nobody ever died from an unsatisfied urge!

5. Take it one day at a time! Ninety days seems like forever, but anybody can go without an orgasm for just one day. That’s all you ever have to do at any one time. Each morning, when you first awaken, promise yourself out loud several times, “I will not masturbate TODAY!” Make it into a cheer or a chant and mean it. Don’t worry about tomorrow until tomorrow.

6. Constantly look for new things to love about your life without fapping. You’ll find them! There really are things that are better than self-made orgasms. When you find enough of them, it becomes easy.

7. Get and give support! We’re put on this earth to help one another. Commiserate regularly with your many brothers at NoFap, and comment, like, and subscribe to them on YouTube. Not everyone can tell their friends about what you’re doing, but do so if you can. True friends will respect and envy you. Some might be inspired to join you!

8. It’s a process. Rome wasn’t built in a day. If you relapse, get back on the wagon immediately and don’t use it as an excuse to binge. While momentarily straying off-course delays one’s arrival at his destination, it doesn’t send him back to his point of origin. The only men truly at day zero are those who are no longer trying.

Today marks seven months since I last experienced porn, masturbation, or orgasm.

Thanks for reading. I hope that this helps someone.

LINK – Seven months on Hard Mode + my tips

by mv8652