700+ Days: Hard Work vs. Instant Gratification

That’s really all it comes down to. Friendships, health, fitness, women, jobs and life. Prob gives us a fast track to “happiness”. That orgasm represents a pretty powerful reward, but it costs an arm and a leg in its aftermath. Meanwhile, it takes a tremendous amount of effort to get a good job, find friends, get in shape etc. But the effects are life long. Score that job and you are set for life. Get that girl and you are set for life. Make a friend and he’s there for life.

I noticed when I got up in the morning for soccer, or up for yoga, or to go to work, my body would give me a boner, almost encouraging me to walk off and go back to bed.when I was an addict I would listen, and I would lose out on an experience. Now that I am strong, the boner comes, I get up, use that energy for the activity and then feel a million times better. That’s the challenge: pushing away that instant gratification and going full-bore into activities and healthy choices.

LINK – 700+ days, hard work vs. Instant gratification

By – Iamahumanbeing