9 months and erections hard as steel

Sex is obviously less frequent and sometmes my girl is not in the mood but when we actually do have sex goddamn!!! I’ve found sometimes less is more as we obviously have sex less frequently now we’ve been together longer but I’m able to get hard just making out with her drives me wild.

Listen guys don’t let sex become a routine or your girl will get bored, always surprise her when she wants it rough be gentle, when she wants just caressing give her rough sex always keep her guessing, love her but don’t always give her what she wants or she won’t respect you.

This is a learning experience for me. Don’t miss porn one bit. If you quit porn your brain forces you to search for other alternatives. I got rejected before meeting the girl I’m with. Hope this helps someone

LINK – 9 months and erections hard as steel. Goddamn !!!

by Leanstrong