90 day report of a “Once upon a time shy guy”

Guys, I would highly encourage you to NOT give up on nofap! There’s so much to learn and grow when you embark on this journey. 🙂 During my 90 day journey, I used to constantly feel “what’s the use of nofap”, because I wasn’t seeing any noticeable changes when I started out. But now on hindsight, when I compare me to my previous 90-day self, there’s been a significant change!

Examples :

  1. I’m not a people pleaser any longer. I used to always care about other people’s opinions of me and would try hard to not make anyone angry at me prior nofap, now I’m satisfied if i only make 1 person happy (and.. that’s me!).
  2. I’m always trying to self improve, which is a very good quality to have as it enhances your life in all aspects. During my ‘PMO career’, i used to indulge in ‘various addictions’ which did not add any value to my life. On the contrary they made me even more depressed.
  3. Nofap increased my self-confidence while speaking with others. I honestly feel I’ve become a lot funnier now, which attracts people to you like drunkards to alcohol lol. Prior to nofap, i used to have this dull uninteresting attitude towards all things in my life.
  4. I came to realize about my ‘toxic friends’, who only used me to make themselves feel better by insulting me. This time, I stood up for myself and answered them that I have had enough of their BS and walked away from them.

I am not afraid anymore of social situation, that’s a difference I noticed after a month ! I now talk to people freely , an awkward undercurrent which used to be there is now non existent … And a general increase in confidence and a dip in anxiety 🙂

I am definitely continuing with nofap as long as it is possible. These 90 days have been hardmode and I’m actually targeting 1 year of hardmode nofap. Post that, I think I will reevaluate, but there will be no P involved  while i MO henceforth, that’s for sure.

So fapstronauts, please believe in this awesome nofap journey, it will surely enhance your life in all aspects! 🙂

LINK – 90 day report of a ‘Once upon a time shy guy’!

by OMGClayAikn