90 Days – Harder erections, Way more productive, Way less anxiety, Far happier, Women are prettier


It’s been at least 3 months since the last time I PMO. I do not count the days since I think that can backfire. I made the decision to not masturbate to porn, and I don’t need to count the days since the last time I did it. I been on a self improvement journey since the past 5 months, NoFap has been a big part of it.

The good:

  • Focus: I’m way more productive.
  • Harder Erections: Jesus, morning woods are more like morning steels.
  • Confidence: I’m way more confident, even asking girls for their numbers in front of her friends. Something I would not even think doing before.
  • Happiness: I’m way more happy and on a better mood.
  • Way less anxiety: I believe this one was mainly fixed by my meditation regime, but NoFap could have helped.
  • Women are prettier: I can see the natural beauty from a girl; I find big and fake boobs/asses disgusting.
  • Disgusted about porn: I just don’t find porn arousing any more.

The bad:

  • Blueballs?: I sometimes feel I want to pee, but I can’t. I was concerned and saw a doctor, everything came out clean, and his best guess was that it was just the lack of release from the semen. Looking forward having a wet dream.
  • Thinking all the time about sex: This is actually good and bad. Its good motivation on the gym, but it triggers Loneliness feelings sometimes.
  • Watching girls pictures: This has been my only weakness, I still look at provocative images from time to time, (fuck you the chive). No nudes, just pretty girls… still I see 2-3 images acknowledge they are hot, and move on. I think I should stop this.

The ugly

  • Loneliness: I found out that I used porn and masturbation as a way to cope with my feelings of loneliness. I told myself that I did not care about not having a girlfriend. The truth is I do care about it, I haven’t had a lasting relationship in my life and I have never felt loved. The fix is not getting a girlfriend, but being ok with being by myself, but It hurts, it’s a very painful thing to cope with.
  • Rejection: The truth is if you want to get a girlfriend you got to go out and ask girls out. You will get rejected, and that’s fine, rejection is a good thing it weeds out people who are not interested or compatible, and I do actually get rejected now, instead of not asking girls out, but Ohh boy, it hurts.


Stay strong fellow fapstronauts, it’s worth it.

LINK – +90 Days – The good, the bad and the ugly

by Sowilo_S