90 Days – Huge difference in my dating scene

Tomorrow I will hit the 90 Days in my NoFap Challange and I just want to tell you some Changes, Improvements etc. First of all, I am a non native english speaker.

At the beginning of the year my 4 year relationship was at the end, one huge reason in my opinion was my porn addiction. So really depressed I start to figure out my problems and how I can improve myself. I tried to give nofap a chance. So it started, i never relapsed since then, had maybe 5-6 wetdreams in this time. I had good days and bad days with urges. My dreams was getting more intense. My facial hairs grow faster, what is really cool, since I always wanted a fullbeard. I need less sleep, its like always that I wake up just on time. I start more to look at my styling, hair etc, I also want to start going back to the gym, that will be the next challange. I start recognizing that I am more confident, awake and also got a little change in my voice. I bought some cologne and some random girls at the supermarket asked me out about this fragrence… totally crazy. So in general I would say that those superpowers exist, I am not esoteric or something, but it is really crazy what changes happend. Before nofap nothing like this ever happend in my life.

About Girls:

In this 90 days I had Sex with 4 different girls. All of them I met online on tinder. Before nofap I only had sex with 2 girls and had problems with prematur ejaculation. Since now I´m not lasting as long as i want at the moment, but a lot longer then before nofap, also when I have sex with a girl for the first time. (I do Kegels and Reverskegels since Nofap, and it really really helps) Some of the girls I had sex with are far more attractive then I would ever imagine I could ever reach. This is a huge confidence boost for me. I don´t want to make this a addiction like I had with pmo, but at the moment I just want to have sex, and maybe give a relationship a try when I can stop have feelings about my ex-girlfriend. I always tell this girls I met, that it is only about sex, and dont make some possible romance with them, as I want to be honest with people. Two of the girls I met are some years older then me, like 3 up to 6 years. One is like a buisness-girl who told me about her jetsetlife and stuff. I mean what the fuck? She came up to me in this buisnesslook, looking like a model and just had sex with me since then. I dont have money, a good job or something, just totally crazy. Another one is looking like a latina girl, when I met her she was like “sorry your not my typ of guy”, what was okay, since I am not a fucking surfer or latinlover-guy. But we ended in bed on the first date… insane shit. At around day 60 I met a girl in the city which I found really hot and asked her about going the the cinema with me and it worked out well. It was just one date and never heard of her since then, but just the situation that I can do this, was really nice to see. Last but not least I don´t look at porn of cours, but sometimes at pinup stuff like suicidegirls, since i´m a huge fan of that side. I don´t feel to pmo anymore, I just want to look at beautiful girls. Also I think its not that pornographic.

So for all brothers who struggle with nofap: Keep going. Do not relapse, stay strong forever. It´s so much worth it. There will be things happening you would never imagine. Best choice ever.

LINK – 90 Days: Girls, Girls, Girls


by xColdworldx