90 days – I have a new level of energy, More confidence and seem to talk to girls easier

90 days! I HAD an account with a badge but I accidently logged out a few weeks ago and lacked both the password or an email link to make a new password. Luckily I was close enough to know that my 90 is today or maybe tomorrow. Might have even been yesterday. Regardless, here is my report.

I have had some porn slips and reset my PornFree badge (I DID make a new account for that since I had to start over). Unlike the past were I would look at porn every day these slips are at least around twenty days apart and never go beyond two days. That’s two days more than is acceptable but its progress. During those slips I fought off the urge to fap. Iv disabled K9, it was helpful at first but now it is just a minor obstacle if I am determined to slip. I must rely on my own willpower to resist porn like I have fapping.

Wet dreams (an annoying sign of recovery depending on when it happens) continue to happen. Sometimes I’ll have a WD three nights in a row and sometimes I’ll go much longer without it. Fantasies happen in the morning when I wake up. I am trying to get right up and avoid them but that doesn’t always happen. Hopefully as I work off the porn those will become more manageable.

There have been general improvements that have become part of my daily routine. Cold showers are now almost enjoyable, I feel weird if I have a straight hot shower. My work outs are nothing major, pushups and hitting the treadmill, but its more than I used to do. I have a new level of energy that I don’t always notice unless I have a wet dream or when I did relapse. I meditate when I can and that certainly helps. I TRY to eat and sleep better but college life doesn’t always support that especially around finals like I am now.

Unlike other posts on NoFap I have not become a sex god. Not to say I don’t have slightly more confidence and seem to talk to girls easier. Sometimes I think I get more looks but my utter uselessness with women means I write it off as anything else. Which it could be. That is something separate from Nofap I need to work on myself.

Fapping was never an addiction for me. It was a problem, both in time wasted and the fact I was fapping to hentai (I consider it one of the worst forms of porn), and knew it could very easily become something worst if I let it. At 90 Days I think I have the problem under control and it has driven me to make some positive changes I can build on. Porn was always the bigger problem and the one I should have focused on first. I still have porn slips and I know that one of those could easily lead me back to PMO. I’m glad to add this achievement in time for Christmas and with luck ill have positive reports on PornFree before Easter.

My final message would be to know what your real problems are. I admit I started NoFap on the promise of attracting girls. But after a few relapses I realized there were much bigger problems going on if I couldn’t get hard easy without porn fantasies. Fighting fapping led me to fill the time with pushups, to try and wake up and get up at once, to tank the cold showers and eventually enjoy them. I’ve had porn slips but that just makes me realize where the problems are. I went 90 days without MO, I can make 90 days without porn. And then see where the days beyond will take me. Even if NoFap isn’t the improvement you thought it would be you will improve.


LINK – 90 Day Report

by WinterZero7