90 days – I’m much more attracted to women these days. Also had symptoms of HOCD and these are totally gone.


I was never addicted to porn or fapping, however I think it greatly reduced my motivation to seek out real relationships with actual women. I hit a low spot about 90 days ago and decided to try for 90 days on nofap.

I made it ~35 days which I think was really useful. Didn’t look at porn and haven’t in ~90 days. I now fap about once every week or so – I focus on the sensation and/or fantasize about actual women I know. Honestly going longer than that on nofap makes me a little stir crazy.

Some results I’m happy about – I’m back to dating once again! I had basically pulled myself off the market for a while, and now I’m putting myself back out there. I find myself much more attracted to women these days. Feels great. I’ve also had some symptoms of HOCD in the past and these are totally gone.

At this point I can’t see myself ever looking at porn again. This has been a great change in my life. Wish I’d done it sooner.

LINK – 90 Days of pornfree/lessfap – some great improvements

by ilikealtoids