A battle of “The Peace Warrior Vs. PMO’: Peace Warrior 1 – PMO 0

Long Story(based on Real life events): Have some patience to read please.

Early school days:
Once upon a time, a kid who was introduced to P by his so called friend in school. It was a time when he saw something that he had never seen before & felt different.

After some weeks/months, he was excited to see more & more P & gradually it was increased day by day. The frequency of watching P had increased and a kid was feeling that he had found some heaven of beauties where he can see a naked beautiful women & fantasize about them.

Fast forward(FF)- College days:
Later, during his 1st year of college, he fell in love with one beautiful girl. But first she became his friend. After few months, both were knowing that they cannot live without each other so soon they proposed each other & became a couple.

(FF) – After graduation, it was a time to think about their career as well as future. A boy went for higher studies in different city & a girl settled for working at her shop(her father died during last year of college so she had to quit further study). But their love didn’t stopped, in fact they became so close that they managed to convince their family for a marriage & after a year they had engaged & promised to stay till their last breath. Their life was smooth af & beautiful. Their friends were so happy that they could managed to convince their family for their future. Everyone believed that their love story is so called perfect example of true love. Some girls were jealous as well because that boy was so handsome and he was so loyal that he never thought about any other girl. In short, he was giving his 100% to his fiancée.

FF – After college:
One day, after finishing his higher education, he decided to go abroad for further studies. Before he left the country, they promised each other to stay loyal & transparent in their relationship to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. After a few months, his fiancée made a new friend from social media & started to chat over online. Later they did exchange their contact numbers and started to talk by call. A boy was unaware of her doings & loving her as before without having a doubt.

FF – While he was in abroad:
At one point, one of her friend in her group told me that she has a friend & she is talking with him all the time, do you know that? A boy was shocked & couldn’t say anything & told her friend that might be just a friend(just to convince his mind/heart).

Later he realized that the situation is not in his control & she crossed her line by breaking all promises. Then it was a time to get explanations from his fiancée about all things but she didn’t utter any words except she said he is my good friend only. A boy was smart in tech so he checked from all social media-gmail & found out their conversation. He was blown away with the situation. He knew from his heart that his fiancée is not loving her more but he tried everything he could to make things work again like before but it was just in his heart, reality was completely different. He was hoping & believing in his love that he stayed truly in his position then why she did all those thing behind his back.

After a year, he went back to his country with the hope that he could do something to change her mind but it was too late. She broke up the engagement & didn’t give any reason of break up. She just said, he has no charm, that’s all. She said that sentence in a brutal way that it was stoned his heart but as he was loving her from all his heart, he smiled & accepted her decision as it is & he left with broken heart with a smile.

Long story short, their relationship were lasted almost 7 years.

Break up was the main reason of M. He didn’t know the brutal reality so he was dwelling more & more without thinking about the consequences. He was so depressed that it took him 2 years to get out from that situation. One day he realized that he was going on the wrong path & he could ruin his future. P was kind of escape for him to feel good for a short time. It took him a while to realize that watching P wasn’t an escape, in fact it was a hell of an addiction. P is a Hell, where innocent women/children(not all) are forced to do a prostitution and people like him are enjoying being watching them performed. How pathetic he was!

Long story short:

Later He was more addicted to M than P & that led to lack of interest in doing work by fapping every day. He tried to quit/fight with those thoughts everyday with no success. It took him years to get to the point where he felt that enough was enough. He decided to change his life once for all. He was praying to God every day in the morning to show him a way to fight with those urges & one day he was surfing an internet & finally somehow found out about a TED-talk & later NoFap.

He was checking the NoFap website & found out about the success stories. First he didn’t believe that it’s possible but reading more & more stories made him realized that He can do it if he decide. He started to read all stories & got motivated so much that he decided to start his reboot(No PMO) journey on the same day.

He found out more interesting information day by day from that website & learnt more about addiction & how it works.

1st month was hell specially first 2 weeks but somehow he managed to fight & later on 2nd month, he was dealing with his mind so that it could not trick him to give a reward(M).

After finishing a month of No PMO, he stared to learn about how mind works. In short, he started to educate himself in order to learn more about a mind & how to control as well as to share his experience with others.

When you’re driven, everything comes in your way will get destroyed. – David Goggins

Same Way, he found out a drive to beat this addiction. In short, he was so driven that he made it in the first shot (Peace Warrior is a freaking savage). In the end, it’s all up to you, how bad you want it.

For those who have gone through break up & depressed:

P.S. He forgive her ex-fiancée even she didn’t feel sorry (when you start to forgive, that’s when the healing starts).

Now I’m a lone wolf but it doesn’t mean that I feel lonely. I’ve found peace & freedom. It’s all about a state of mind & the way of thinking.

What I’ve learned (in short version):
1. Positivity

A person can be positive in any kind of tuff situation, if he/she decides. It’s all up to us to be positive or negative. Staying positive is tough than staying negative & it takes a courage to be positive when someone breaks you & still you smile to them & accept them as it is.

2. Perseverance
If one can decide & act on that then one day he/she can get what they want. It’s all about making a decision & act on it whether it feels or not(self-discipline).

3. Mental Toughness
The more you go in this journey & fight, the more you become mentally strong. This journey is all about mental toughness & will power. You can be a chicken or you can be a wolf, it’s all up to you & your will power. The more you face the challenges, the more you become a strong, simple as that. So don’t afraid of challenges.

4. Mindfulness
I’ve learned to live in a moment. Before whatever I was doing was in auto pilot mode but now I can think, take step back, look at myself & do with mindfulness. I’m living a life in a way I can find auto-pilot mode & switch to manual mode. Think about it.

There are many benefits I’ve seen in me but these are the main that I want to highlight as people can read/find other benefits from almost every successful stories.

To fight against depression & anxiety(taken from other sources):
“If you’re having one of those dark days, it’s okay. It’s completely OKAY to feel that darkness. If you’re going through heart break right now, if you’re going to financial crisis right now, if you’re going to illness right now or if you’re going to any kind of crisis right now, remember that, crisis comes to serve the person who wants to use it as a fuel. You’ve a choice, you can live as a victim & be a victim or you can ask yourself, how can I use this darkness which will not last, how can I leverage the pain, how can I leverage the darkness, so it grows me. So it makes me stronger, so it makes me wiser, so it allows me to tap into the greatest virtues of Humanity.

You all know darkness, you all know evil. But more important than that, you all know good. You all know light. You all know laughter & love better than anyone. This is an opportunity to grow, please trust me, it wil lead you to the greatest. So embrace that darkness. Live your life. Embrace your life with physical activity, with nature & jujutsu, with sun & laughter, with good memories & friends, with creativity & discipline.

Discipline yourself, discipline your senses. So you can free yourself & move forward into the bright future. Please remember, you’re built to shine, great things are coming on the way, and you’re not an average. The darkness will pass & you’re meant to fly.”

My journey isn’t finished yet, in fact it has just started. I’ll continue this journey not because it is easy but because it’s hard. I want to reach on that level where my mind, body & soul becomes ONE.

The easiest thing to do is to fap but it takes a gut to become a MAN & not to fap.
Don’t be a wishy washy motherfu*ker by making a list of doing things to impress, get the shit done that’s all matters. You don’t need to show off that I’ll do this & that & blah blah…show it by doing things.
If someone tells you that you’re doing this wrong, choke that punk & continue doing whatever the hell you do because in the end you’ll learn by trial & error.

P.S.2: I’ve made my routine ridiculously disciplined that even if my mind wants to think about doing M, there is no way it can hope that it’ll happen in this life.

Heart 1 – Mind 0

I hope this thread might be helpful to my fellow fapstronauts.
Thank you for your patience & support.
May the force be with you all.
Tons of Love & Peace.

LINK – A battle of “The Peace Warrior Vs. PMO’: Peace Warrior 1 – PMO 0

by The Peace Warrior