A great and massive improvement within my sex life

First of all I want to tell you, I’m really glad this sub exists. There were many posts that inspired me on my way. For a long time I didn’t realize how destructive PMO is. I’ve hurt myself and much worse others with the consequences PMO had. But at least I could shake of Porns completely and reduced to rare masturbating only with fantasy (I plan to get rid of that one, too, but sometimes it really ain’t easy).

Now I get closer to the topic of my post. I was watching porn for about 10 years and now I have gotten to an abstinence of about 3 months. I really feel a great and massive improvement within my sex life (Interesting side note for everyone who still questions the destructive force of porn: I tried so many other things like fitness, healthy food, visited an urologist, tried natural aphrodisiacs… nothing really worked…).

But still… I realize the aftereffect of the year long porn addiction. The most important examples are the lack of making a good foreplay and that I still like mysogynic practices (like coming on here face-type of things) I’ve seen all these years in porn. And I’m sure I only like these, because of porn, because it really isn’t my cup of tea to humiliate women in any way. So here is my actual question: How can the reboot of the brain, where the influences of porn get erased, be advanced or accelerated? I want to be naturally able to make a passionate foreplay and I want to completely focus on non porn influenced natural passionate sex. What are your experience on rebooting the brain and how to accelerate it.

LINK – Advancing the reboot of the brain?

by mostunrelevant