A life changing experience coupled with a resilient mindset

Nofap doesn’t give you superpowers but it gives you what it truly is “A Superweapon”

While how you use it in this war is up to you,It is the most life changing experience for any male especially those who have forgot what nature intended us menfolk to be(Sorry Ladies no offence to you Tho and I totally admire your efforts on Nofap)

See.. nature didn’t refine us for thousands of years to make us pussy shits just to sit in a corner and watch while some stud football playa steals our crush, That is something we made of ourselves due to our own stupidity and laziness,wasted years looking at these fake tits countless holes and listening to these volumes of moaning noises….What a pathetic waste of male birth,seriously.

Where are the courageous,ballfilled Men somebody asked?…..Well most of them are giving their vigour and energy to sexually Bicurious Russian nurses or Naked cheerleaders on some computer screen which will eventually be shut down or some chrome tab which will be closed a minute later

And the worst part is Fuckin thing isn’t even real lovemaking, If it was then it would be community service and free of cost but sadly it aint

Naked Truth guys: We jerked off when this small percentage of so called alphas were evolving and stealing our women when they had enough for themselves already. Don’t get me wrong here Iam by no means a misogynist but its just that I have an infinite faith in Male capabilities and truly believe that men today myself included (Before nofap )are not tapping into their destructive potential to change destinies.

To all the newcomers: please understand that nofap isn’t a cult it’s a life changing experience coupled with a resilient mindset something whose beauty cannot be described but felt only in person. Setting 90 days is ok but setting a date till all your nofap priorities are fulfilled is even better.If you are doing this for health reasons then I think 120 days is good cuz I heard somewhere that Red blood corpuscles replenish and new one’s are produced.


Step 1—-Prepare yourself mentally with extremely realistic dead lines and goals concerned to nofap.

2.Be extremely strict with yourself while doing hardmode this is going to be the most toughest task till date and you might even feel like killing yourself at times,the hellish torture pushes you to extremes…But in the end its gonna be WORTH IT! Many have done it before and proved this.

3.Dont Stare at girls or their body parts with a horny desperate look after a month of hard mode…please brahaa we want to rediscover our manliness not become eye fuckers or salivating dogs. There is no point in doing nofap if its turning us into creeps isn’t it? The key here is to develop a killer attitude which says I don’t give a fuck about anything that pulls me down.

4.Tell your Gf not to touch you unnecessarily i.e only if you are in hard mode and don’t touch her cuz it might arouse you trust me she will love you later for this.

5.Change t.v channels/Internet ads when skimpily clad women appear no arguments here, There might be weak moments when your mind tells you dude come on man Meg fox is so hot lets explore, in that moment say to yourself yes she is but STFU cuz she is still on my T.V/comp screen and she wont jump out and step into my life…. besides she doesnt even know I exist so why should I jerk off thinking about her or to any other visual stimulation especially porn.

6.Touch your dick only while pissin or cleaning

7.Entertain nofantasy/sexual thought whatsoever

8.Dont navigate like an aimless vagabond on the internet

9.Dont stare at bill boards or seductive images

10.Dont kill yourself fighting urges all the time just don’t go to war with them

11.At times you will go thru an emotional roller coaster while denying yourself sleazy videos or pics but trust me after you get out you are going to look at your old self with utter disgust

12.During these emotional phases people might comment they might ask you wtf is wrong with you etc etc….Hell somebody might even insult you but don’t let it penetrate your fortress of will power.

13.Sleep early it helps a lot

14.Dont try to develop this arrogant douche bag attitude just because you feel the T.. but be extremely confident and clear about what you want from others and your life, let people know that you are no longer some timid loser whose opinion doesn’t matter. You are the Man !! And the whole world is your playground

15.There might be times when rejection will slap you at face value but Fuck that cuz it could be a lot worse while you were Jerkin off.

16.Have nutritious Food (no junk) whatsoever and drink as much milk as you want…A good mount of lean meat and fruits can really give gains especially if you workout everyday

17.Concentrate well on the peace and tranquillity you feel and use that energy to bring positive happy emotions and enjoy the flatline cuz its such a change.

18.Dont be under the mind set that I got this after some days ,because remember :It had controlled you before and given a chance it will control you again so don’t give it a chance.No matter how small or timid a trigger might seem dont encourage it….it might be some label of a women in yoga pants on some fitness product or some innocent label on a movie poster,trust me it isnt worth it!!

19.Control stress by doing whatever helps you to keep calm I wont say yoga or exercise cuz that’s your choice.Personally during my last 30 days streak I have been learning boxing (Its tough to but Im trying guys) and the sport is a science in itself. Previously I was under the impression before that boxing is simply put two ruffians beating the pulp outa each other but i was so damn wrong.

20.Keep yourself extremely busy and tire your self to death bfore going to bed and sleep like a baby.

21.Remember how you were last year on this exact same date,think about it…were you better than today or worse?If better then maybe you are on the right track but if worse then realise that pmo is still shitting on your life and think about how pathetic you will feel next year on this exact same date

22.The element of mind blowing horniness=Untapped unlimited reserve of energy to do stuff you never thought you could do.It could be anything… stepping into new ventures approaching strangers and building acquaintances or something as small as starting a conversation with this cute neighbour chick whom you always liked,It doesnt matter if its insignificant or serious or something that tests you like never before. Do something/anything as long as its not counter productive to your objective

And Lastly…..Be Mighty proud and walk tall Because you are doing this for yourself and not for someone who thinks Porn and Masturbation is good for you.


Believe in Action not in thoughts



No sex(Hard mode only)


1/2 Gallon of milk and 8 ounces of meat(Preferably Lean) everyday

Alcohol only once a month that too 100 ml

Beastly workout till you throw up/almost faint

No porn Not even glimpses,hey lemme just see how she looks in that position or how does she look without any clothes…No no no!!! Hell no! Thats the threshold there.

The Moment you start exploring you are FUCKED my friend!


No staring at half naked body parts and crotch squeezing

If you dont find any improvements / benefits then Hunt my ass down to alaska ,And together we will quit Nofap. Lastly always remember…….

Making love to pixels sucks Making love to women is good but…. Making love to life is ultimate !! Peace out comrades

LINK – Made it to 250 days,My insights and to all you Newbies Welcome to Nofap Warmode !! Ama

by Sid_44