After 3+ years of NoFap. Close to full recovery from ED & Delayed Ejaculation

I just wanted to share some positive news. Last weekend I had a really big breakthrough in my recovery and I wasn’t really expecting it.

When I look back at my post history I see it has been over three years since I first contributed on this subreddit. Since then I have had a few streaks of 60+ days and I had one streak reach 90+ days. None of these streaks really brought me to where I wanted to be and I got discouraged along the way a couple of times.

I did finally earn my bachelor degree after a long long time and I did hook up with a few women. I don’t think I could have done that without the knowledge I gained through NoFap and my consequent journey.

NoFap has also fixed my ED problem, the only think I was disappointed with was the fact that I simply could not orgasm with a girl.

Well guess what, it happened this weekend. I’m still not where I want to be but finally I have a “real” sign of recovery. I really fucked myself over with death grip and I still suffer from it but the future is bright.

I started another streak two months ago thinking that I have never been negatively affected by NoFap. I figured it couldn’t hurt and it certainly hasn’t. It is easy to give in and get demotivated but it is not something you switch on and off, it is a permanent lifestyle change you are looking for.

LINK – Major milestone reached after 3+ years of NoFap. Close to full recovery from ED/death grip.

by dagmaan