Age 13 – Way more confident, Better concentration, I enjoy life better, I don’t check women out anymore


I’m 13 and I’m from France. I started porn when I was 12. Fortunately, I was only addicted to porn for 2 1/2 months. So a week before nofap, I was very self conscious of my height (I’m 6ft 3 1/2), very nervous, unconfident ,I guess I was less masculine, and the bad part was all the boys in my class watched porn.

So I actually was fully recovered at day 62, but I wanted to wait till I was around day 90.

After these days of rebooting, these are MY (it doesn’t happen the same way to everyone) benefits

  • I’m way more confident
  • It could be puberty, but my testosterone substantially increased
  • People say I look sexy but I think they are teasing me
  • I don’t check women out anymore
  • Better use of time
  • Better concentration
  • I enjoy life better
  • And much more but I can’t say all of them in this post

What I will say to new nofappers is to get rid of social media, porn sites magazines EVERYTHING that has hot stuff/people on it. Even coffee and games and some types of foods can give dopamine

I will improve myself more. Also, I don’t get porn urges anymore.

As for sex, I only want my SO to be my first. So I’m not going to have sex before marriage and that’s that

LINK – Day 98 without PMO!

by leo da king

UPDATE – 14 year old – 400 days.

So basically, I have reached 400 days.
This is how my journey started:

When I was 12 (2 months before I turned 13), I started watching softcore porn.
I knew porn was wrong (from a religious family) but I didn’t know what I was watching was porn. 11 days after I turned 13, I found out what I was watching was porn. I wanted to quit immediately. That’s when I found nofap and started my streak.

During my streak, I have found so many different views on nofap. My year mates kept on watching porn and I ignored it.

There are so many benefits that I can name that I prefer to put in a thread by itself instead of here but I’ll name a few.

  1. Increased energy
  2. Better Concentration
  3. I don’t even sexualize women I see(fantasies or ogling) anymore
  4. I guess my erections are harder(even though I Never had ED or PIED)
  5. Increased will power
  6. I do notice more attention from girls(ALOT more) but I’m not really caring about that.
  7. Sex drive increased (even kissing can get me VERY hard) but I can kind of control when I want to get hard a little bit.

Good luck with your journeys!!!

UPDATE – 14 year old – 500 days no PMO

500 days finally :). I will be sharing everything to do with my nofap journey. To start off, I started doing PMO when I was 12. I always knew something was off, but I didn’t know porn was bad. Well, I searched if porn was bad a couple of months after I started using porn. That’s where I found this sight(on my 13th birthday ironically). I had already started doing no PMO and failed. At this time I had a 2-3 day streak. I’ve continued to do Nofap without relapsing until now(and hopefully forever).

Here is a timeline of what I experienced in the first 7 months (7 months was when I stopped having withdrawals):

Month 1: Constant headache, dizzy, flu, tired all the time, lack of energy.

Month 2: Headache was still there but not constant, ability to not concentrate, energy still low but not concentrate, flu like symptoms

Month 3: This month actually was smooth.

Month 4: This month I had a cold but other than that it was smooth.

Month 5: Everything from month 1 came back and it was worse.

Month 6: There were times when I thought I was flatlining.

Month 7: Felt alot better this month!

Here are some benefits that I have gotten:

Girls have noticed me SO MUCH.

My acne has cleared for months

My erections are 200-300% Harder.

Porn disgusts me ALOT

Natural women have given me harder erections than when I was PMOing to porn women.

Porn women seem so fake and ugly to me now :D

I don’t ogle.

My penis size increased from 5.5-8 inches in length and 2.5-5 inches in girth(looks skinny though :D)

Confidence has increased like 300%.

I don’t feel awful after I ejaculate anymore.

I grew like 6 inches since when I started.

I’ve learned so much since I’ve started nofap.

I don’t understand how I even was able to tolerate porn in the first place :D. It looks so fake and ugly.

Thank you for reading my story and I will add more to it soon.