Age 14 – Already seeing benefits


First of all the time that these benefits may appear is different to everybody , so don’t panic if they haven’t shown up yet.

1«Motivation.You will feel a need of better improving yourself to impact others.You will feel more pumped to do something as boring as studing , just because you know its gonna improve you.

2«A female magnet.Woman are gonna see the crazy amount of sexual tension in you and,all they gonna want to do is let is out of you .Which is very entertaining to watch honestly.They want to stay near you , talk to you , get touchy with you all the time.You yourself are gonna feel more confident around woman as well,you’re gonna be a little bit more flirty.

3«concentration.You’re gonna see yourself being more concentrated while having a conversation with someone or while studying.

4«No Brain Fog.You’re going to feel a bit more clear in your mind.You’re going yo feel a little bit more happy.You’re going to find pleasure in the small things.

5«More energy.I know people say that semen isn’t energy and if you let it out it can be replenished by a few grapes.But NO.When you keep this life essence inside you you have more life which translates into energy.If you don’t believe it try it yourself.Your gonna be waking up of bed so relaxed and full of energy you can run a ship by yourself.

6«More sociable.I hear a lot of guys saying that now I put on my Christmas lights with my dad and I didn’t hate it.I made a new friend!I had a nice conversation with an elderly I don’t even know.All these good stuff come with NoFap.I don’t know how to better explain this but you’re just more sociable.

7«More wit while you talk.You are gonna to talk in a more fluid way.You remember new words you hear.You have a better outlook on certain topics to talk.Words just come to you easier.

There are plenty more NoFap benefits but I think these are the most visible one and honestly the best ones.Please comment your benefits from NoFap.

Im 14 and this is my third streak actually.

P.S:Sorry for the broken english.I am not american.Also wrote it in a hurry.

LINK – NoFap Benefits.NO BULLSHIT !

By electricepatatoe