Age 14 – Confidence up, high on life


My name is ____ and I am 14 years old. I just relapsed on day 62. This was my best streak ever. There were some really good benefits man.

Productivity- I went out everyday playing basketball, skating or doing calisthenics. I also did my homework on time.

High on life – Everything was enjoyable from sitting in the class or talking to people to listening to music. I enjoyed every little bit of life

Confidence – My confidence rose especially near the day 50. I began making jokes here and there. I actually was the class clown. I did not give a fuck what people thought of me. I could approach strangers like a walk in the park. I dint really care if I was ‘normal’. I am very weird and loved saying and making up random shit.

I did not fap to porn luckily and I will not binge. I will continue this journey with joy. This relapse was more of a lesson. Im very proud that I hit 62 days.

Stay strong guys!!

LINK – day 62 – relapsed

By nofapman2002