Age 14 – Day 96: Feeling awesome is now the norm.


It started one day when I heard the word fap in grade 6. I knew what it meant but didn’t know really why it was such a big deal. So, out of curiosity I did it and watched porn for the first time as well. This eventually led to the next 2 years being, well quite frankly, not so great. I wasn’t doing bad in school but I was lazy, played videogames…A LOT, pmo’d 1-3 times on some days and at a time when puberty starts to hit you, I was kind of a mess. Fast forward 2 years.

After NoFap:

I learned about NoFap around February of 2015 and decided to try it. I relapsed numerous times but eventually kept going on longer streaks each time. Ever since I started NoFap I feel I have learned a lot about myself and how to do different things.

Benefits and Things I’ve accomplished while on NoFap:

  • I don’t really care about what others think of me
  • I’m pretty confident and feel happy about myself
  • More time to get things done
  • Deeper Voice
  • Comfortable in my own skin
  • Not really nervous or jumpy when talking with people I don’t really know
  • Learned how to cut my hair (Buzz, fade)
  • Ride bike without holding handles
  • Working out 4 times a week
  • No brain fog at school

Key to success(At least for me):

  • Don’t think about NoFap too much. Focus on improving yourself and getting things done
  • Keep yourself busy
  • Replace bad habits with good ones like exercising, reading, learning to cook…etc

MOST IMPORTANTLY: DO NOT FORGET WHY YOU ARE DOING NoFap – When you feel like relapsing, think about WHY you started in the first place. Think about how this will affect your mental health, confidence and those around you.

Do not give in, and don’t give up!

LINK – Day 96-Feeling Awesome is now the norm-14 yr old

by Timon


UPDATE – Passed day 150 – 14 yr old

5 months. Wow! Time flies when you’re… not pmo’ing. It feels like it’s been ages since I last PMO’ed and when I think about the old me, I feel like a different person inside the same body. This past week was spirit week at my school(grade 11’s won) and I had so my fun. I participated in the fashion show and when it was my time I felt no anxiety at all! I just strutted down the catwalk and my grade just went nuts! I even feel as though my voice is deeper than it was after going through puberty. Anyways, for all you nofappers out there, if a teen with raging hormones can make it 5 months on NoFap, then anyone can do it. Have a good one.


UPDATE – Day 184 – Half way through the Year!

It’s day 184 and I have no urges right now. LIKE, NONE AT ALL. I’m feeling pretty good at school and am very confident almost to the point where I have to watch myself so I don’t become arrogant. I joined my highschool’s cheer team 2 weeks ago although I don’t know if I will stay for the whole year since its still just the prep team. I never thought I’d be past day 180 until it really happened. Videogames and PMO seem so foreign now and I can see the effects these things have on other guys. I’ve also noticed I participate and ask more questions in class because before I was just afraid to ask questions. Some things I need to work on are eating less junk food and learn to focus on my homework more. Other than that, I hope you all can continue to battle this bad habit.