Age 14 – More motivated/less lazy, Way more confident & present, I don’t have anxiety, I feel more energetic and happy


So this has been the absolute best 30 days of my life and I am can’t thank this website and the people on here enough. So first I am going to list the benefits I have got and the reasons I believe why they are here, the short answer is EVERYTHING IS SO MUCH BETTER. I would like to mention that this is not my first NoFap streak but it has been my best one and is going to be the longest.

  • I am more motivated/less lazy
  • I am more present
  • I am way more confident and I don’t really give a shit what people think
  • I don’t have anxiety and I am good in social situations
  • I just look better I love what I see if I look in the mirror
  • My life is more in order
  • I feel more energetic and happy
  • People are more attracted to me (I have made more friends and get a lot more looks from the opposite sex)
  • And finally I have learned so much about myself

Having more motivation has come from feeling more energy and feeling better about myself. I believe the motivation also comes from having a life which is in order and feeling confident. Having this motivation has made me push myself in all aspects of life, especially in kicking my bad habits and doing things which create discomfort, for example going to the gym which I have got more muscular from, especially in the last 30 days. Being more present allows you to enjoy life much more and can be achieved greatly through meditation. Being more confident comes from all of my good habits that I have made and having more energy and not wasting my life force for a shitty dopamine hit and instead using it to get closer to my goals. Being better in social situations and having less anxiety comes from being more confident. Looking better comes from having higher confidence and optimised hormones that you get from abstaining and the good habits like cold showers, weights and eating healthy. Having a life that is in order comes from everything else. Having more energy comes from semen retention and good habits. And people being more attracted to me comes from all of the other benefits which all stem down to abstaining.

So from this you can see how all of the benefits you experience link to each other. I believe the benefits stem down to doing NoFap but you still have to push yourself in every aspect of life. A lot of the changes are all based on having different levels of neurotransmitters.

My best tip is to realise that pmo, fmo, mo or whatever is bad. You have to really make the association in your head with relapsing and feeling bad and abstaining and feeling good. This will either happen by you feeling good abstaining and you will not want to go back or hitting rock bottom and never wanting to relapse again because you have felt the agony.

Here’s what you need to understand: Addictions are caused by instant gratification (pleasure that you do not have to work for) and the main thing about instant gratification is that it is hedonistic happiness. First I will tell you about the two types of happiness for you to have a deeper understanding of what I am on about.

The first type of happiness is hedonic. This type of happiness leaves one less satisfied after doing the action that created the happiness than before. This type of happiness has a chemical formula and is not essential to life. Examples of this would be eating a chocolate bar, fapping, drugs etc. If you were to get hooked up to opiates for the rest of your life for free you would not feel satisfied at all and would want to come off because they are not making you truly happy.

The second type of happiness is eudaimonic this type is long lasting hapiness, well being and comes with a sense of satisfaction, this is TRUE happiness. This type of happiness is high up on the list of human psychological needs and can be achieved through hard work for example getting results in the gym, taking cold showers, meditation and quitting addictions. So basically when you get an urge to fap remind yourself that you are not going to feel any better afterwards and that in five minutes time the urge will be gone, it’s really not that hard to resist is it?

Fapping is instant gratification which leaves you unhappier after the act than before. It comes with a short ridiculously strong dopamine rush meaning it creates addiction. So remember when you next have the urge, the urge only lasts a short while and when you resist you will become happier and every time you don’t give in you are a massive step closer to being free from addiction which is pure bliss which I am yet to experience.

Here is a video to improve your understand even more of the types of hapiness. good luck y’all –

Also I would like to say that this is only the start of my journey and I have far to go. Check out my reboot log to follow me and maybe meet some new people and create a good sense of community, I post daily and have interesting insights and stuff to talk about self-improvement related. Thanks for taking the time to read this

LINK – 14 year old success story 30 days, and how you can quit addiction for good

by Clean4life


UPDATE  – 14 years old, 90 days. What changed? A hell of a lot

Hi everyone! I have made a success story at 30 days and I also have a journal which some of you may have seen. I feel the need to create another thread because so much has changed. First I will list all the benefits I have noticed (not exclusive to NoFap since I have gone through a lot of self development in the last 90 days too). Here is my list:

  1. More motivation: This comes from having self control and a life that is in order. NoFap helps everything with this. When I go to the gym I smash it and I love it, no pain no gain , it’s really fun now. Gained 6-8 pounds in the last month (haven’t noticed much fat gain). Cold showers daily too!
  2. Great socially: This comes from the increased self confidence that comes from a good lifestyle and a clean aura (NoFap does this very well). Bio-energetics has served me as much as NoFap too in this field because it releases neurotic holding patterns (tension) which allows you to be more open and your authentic self. Not many people talk about bio-energetics but it is essential to becoming your greatest version.
  3. I am better looking: Yes I look great, I look in the mirror and I’m happy, not sad like I used to be before NoFap. Also the muscle gain and cold showers combined with good diet gives you great skin and hair. I no longer need shampoo.
  4. I am more attractive: Looking better combined with being as close as you can to your authentic self is the ultimate combination to becoming more attractive. Everyone is born attractive. People just get messed up by closing themselves up and having a poor lifestyle. Yes girls do look at me more and I have more friends because I am becoming the person I am meant to be.
  5. NoFap is just life for me: I really don’t count the days, it’s just life now. I have to check my journal to check what day I’m on if I ever have the need to do so.
  6. More happy: Just all of this combined makes me way more happy. I believe that I am more sensitive to dopamine because things like music affect me way more than before.
  7. More energy: That sexual energy from abstaining and energy from a better lifestyle burns deep within. I feel the crazy energy and drive to do the stuff I enjoy. I am more like I was as a kid.

So with all of this said here are the habits I recommend adding into your life on top of NoFap:

  • Cold showers.
  • Eating better. Less processed foods.
  • Exercise. Hit each muscle group 2 times a week.
  • Bio-energetics
  • Do stuff for the sake of having fun. Fun does not mean instant gratification. It means do stuff that only makes you smile. Look back to your childhood if you need help with this one.

Going to carry on doing everything I’m doing. Life is great. You can be free.