Age 14 – The sad, anti-social person I used to be is no more. I’m the most confident I’ve ever been.

Gah, I can’t relieve its been 100 days since I begun nofap. I’ve changed in lots of ways, and for the better. The sad, anti social person I used to be is no more. I’m more energetic. I actually feel my emotions and experience them, happy or sad.

I’m a better person. I can make eye contact and keep it. I can TALK to girls now,without stuttering or screwing up. I’m the most confident I’ve ever been.

I’d never go back. I’ve talked to my close friend’s, they aren’t exactly on board. I’ll keep this short and sweet.

Keep going. Keep fighting. Keep thinking of where you could be, and make it reality. You won’t get there by beating off to hundreds of thousands of pixels on a screen.

Go out there, talk to someone you find attractive. They aren’t pixels. They’re human beings. They’re worth it, and you’re worth it. Never, ever, give up.

[Advice to someone else]  Just here to shed some insight into what happened with me.

Honestly, I watched porn from 11-13 (When I started NoFap) so, roughly the same time as you. Everyone is different, my friend. I can remember having solid erections [again] at around day 3-4, but I’m a bit different than you, as well. I’m 6 foot and 80kg (176 pounds). Point is, you’ll get there. You just have to keep fighting it.

Get an urge? Do 10 push ups, go for a run. distract yourself. You’ll get better, stronger and healthier. Just stick with it. Feel free to message me at anytime, if you want! Good luck mate permalink

LINK – 14 years old // In 100 days, I conquered my social anxiety, started a light exercise regime, topped 2 of my classes and constructed my own desktop PC.

by UnoriginalNam3