Age 15 – Confidence, clarity and desire for girls are up

I think yesterday or sum like that I hit 90 days. Some benefits are: less anxiety, less mental chatter, more confident,
I feel more sexual and desire girls much more.

And I don’t know if it’s nofap or not, but a certain number of girls have been finding me attractive, calling me cute etc and I find some girls flirting with me. Although, I don’t necessarily have any girls that are on my line at this moment.

Anyways, I just feel 10x better than I do when I’m fapping. When I fap, I feel horrible and guilty and just like a freaking weakling. I feel the complete opposite when I stop fapping. I feel strong. I’ve taken control of my life back and I have way more time on my hands. I’ve been using porn since I was like 10, and I’m glad to say that I’m officially done with it.

I’ve met plenty of girls in my high school, a certain number that have started to try to get my attention. Seeing as I’ve reached the 90 days mark, I can say over that period of time my confidence has skyrocketed, but I felt that confidence jump at around day 7, and it went up a little bit but it feels like sometimes it flatlines from time to time, but nowhere near to when I was fapping.

I’ve seen many benefits, but also I wouldn’t know if it’s all from NoFap. I’ve been lifting weights and meditating, too.

It really ain’t that hard yall. it takes a lot of discipline, but if you honestly want to quit this addiction, and you have a strong desire to deep down in your heart: you will stop. it all boils down to that. It all comes down to how bad you want it; how strong your will is.

i know i might just be preaching, but nofap can be hard or easy depending on how hard you can make it on yourself. just do not touch your dick; it’s simple. if you feelin horny get off ya ass and go do something with life.

You waste a looot of your day masturbating, so why not use that time you use to masturbate, and change it into a new hobby or something? try listening to music, take a nap, go outside and exercise, go work out, do something to improve yourself. keep moving forward. every single day you do not masturbate, you are a single step further. don’t stop, keep motivated my brothers. motivation and will is key!

determination never betrays

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91 days