Age 15 – Confidence, initiative, motivation, better view on a lot of things

Here I am once again to tell my story, 120 days (lovely purple star) of NoFap, of not PMO’ing. Some weak moments and stronger moments.

I feel now that I have reached this, I am not going to let this slip away. I am going to remember this change in my life for the rest of my life. At the beginning I started turning the page and now the page is almost turned. Still have long to get the page fully turned.

Sadly, I have not moved a lot in the last couple of weeks. My last report was about me kissing a girl for the first time. I am afraid. Very afraid. It is all new to me and I don’t really know how to handle it all. That is something I need to work on. Hopefully, I can still do some damage control so that nobody gets hurt to worse.

NoFap has brought me a lot of positives: confidence, initiative, motivation, better view on a lot of things and this list goes on and on. Not done with advancing myself. Not anywhere near perfect and I think it is good to realise that so that we won’t stop moving forward.

Thank you for letting me yap on about my life. It makes me feel better when I do and the support is awesome in this community.

LINK – Report: 120 Days

by ManSpecial


UPDATE – Hello NoFap, this is 180 days done!

Every time I look back on to that tally in the sidebar I am amazed. At the beginning you start something and are just hoping to get somewhere, but I never dared to think that I would get where I am today. Don’t give up guys, it is possible to quit PMO once and for all!

Over the past 6 months I have experienced so many things because of NoFap. It gave me the motivation, confidence and self-discipline to make so many life changing decisions. I have started to work out and seeing the results of it is just another mindblowing thing. Also have I had my first kiss which I see as a huge achievement. NoFap isn’t there to get the girls, but I can say that without NoFap it would probably not have happened.

Today I can say: Porn is not my enemy anymore! It does me nothing. Up untill a couple of weeks ago I was still scared of falling into a relapse and I was “scared” of porn. Now it is not worth being called my enemy it is just something out there that taunts people but not me!

NoFap is worth it! All the things it gives you, all the time you have left and the mental boosts you get. Nevertheless, also said must be, NoFap isn’t gonna be easy and it isn’t going to get you everything in life. You must also be open to change yourself.

Thank you guys for being there and giving me my support. The NoFap army is an amazing community! I wish all of you good luck and stay strong.



UPDATE – NoFap happened to me this year

Thursday I am turning 16. Reflecting on my life I realised how much progress I made this year. I am seeing myself turn into a person I want to be.

When I first heard of NoFap I ridiculed it, I found it weird. Luckily, I took the decision to try it out, this was one of the best decisions I have taken in my life. NoFap helped me this year into having more confidence, being motivated and disciplined. I learned what intimacy was with a girl for the first time, I had never experienced such thing.

NoFap made me able to keep on going and keep on fighting in battles of life I needed to win. I am so greatful and hope that when I turn 17 I can reflect on myself again and see that I have developed even more.

Thank you NoFap!