Age 15 – Depression is gone, I see Girls as human beings and not sex objects, Self-esteem is growing


I always knew PMO was detrimental in my health and wellbeing but I didn’t know how to stop. 30 days ago I discovered a video on the benefits on quitting PMO and that led me to this community: Nofap.

What PMO did to me.

Depression and the constant feeling that I was worthless was what PMO burdened on me. I knew it was time to quit and it worked. I never knew that I would last this long on NoFap and it’s amazing that I did. I used to PMO whenever I had time and sometimes even regect going out with family and friends just to PMO. Loneliness just made my addiction worse and worse. I still can’t believe I used to think Porn was Nice even though i knew its effects.

I saw girls as sex objects and I started to seek out more Hardcore pornography as regular porn was as exciting to me anymore. Sex was the only thing I would think about and the brain fog made it difficult to operate in a normal situation (i.e: School). I knew I was digging my own grave at such a young age and I knew i had my whole life in front of me and I could allow PMO to destroy it.

How I stopped PMO

If anyone is reading this struggling to keep onto NoFap, I have one trick that did it for me. Write down all the ambitions you have in life and all the wonderful things you would want to accomplish in your lifetime. Take a moment and think if all these ambitions and goals you would want to reach are possible when you are addicted to PMO. PMO destroys your life and that was enough for me to quit. The first few days were hard but I always knew i was on the correct path.

“Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion” – Mohammed Ali.

Changes I feel after 30 days of Nofap.

• Depression is gone
• More free time.
• I see Girls as human beings and not sex objects
• Flashbacks are getting rarer and Brain fog is nearly non-exsistant.
• Self-esteem is growing in terms of knowing my own self worth.

Future goals on NoFap

Nofap is going to be a permanent change in my life and i see no reason on changing that. The changes I experienced are just too powerful to ignore. What I really want to improve is my self-confidence when in social settings. I’m really shy and I’m a introvert which is totally okay but I just want to improve my confidence and self-esteem. I have plans starting to go to the GYM when i hit 16 so I’m really excited for that. My next Nofap goal is 60 days.


I just want to thank everyone who helped me on my nofap journey here: @2525 @IGY @HappyDaysAreHereAgain are just a few of the many people who inspired me to hit my goals. NoFap is amazing and life changing but to those who are struggling, watch the video bellow. It just cemented my belief in NOFAP. #FuckPMO

LINK – 30 days of NoFap completed

by SomalianTeen