Age 15 – I feel like I am finally living up to my potential, emotionally, physically, socially, and mentally


I’m 15 years old and have viewed porn regularly since I was 11. Ever since I started watching porn I felt like I changed as a person. I became very numb to the world and I found it hard to connect with others. Thanks to all the people who are spreading awareness on porn addiction I was able to find out what was wrong with me. That was nearly a year ago, and after all the failures since then.

After all the withdrawal symptoms of depression, anxiety, and exhaustion I have finally made it. What got me here was realizing that nobody owed me anything not even my parents. The only person who could save me was myself. I decided that this would be the time where I would defeat my addiction.

Now at 90 days I feel great. I feel like I am finally living up to my potential, emotionally physically, socially, and mentally. I am finally happy just being alive and that is a great feeling.

Sorry for the long post but I want to thank all the guys on the internet who helped me become aware of my addiction as well as defeat it.

LINK – Finally made it to 90 days

by Neverfapper122