Age 15 – Increased confidence, Social anxiety almost gone, More energy, Increased libido & stronger erections, Grades have shot up


Well, it’s been a rollercoaster folks but today marks 5 months since my last relapse. I won’t bang on about my experience too much, because the best way for you to be motivated is to feel these benefits yourself. A few things, somewhat generic on this sub, that I’ve noticed:

  • Increased confidence.
  • Little to no social anxiety – 5 months ago I would go red as fire when talking to a girl I liked, nowadays I don’t feel a thing.
  • Appreciate/get along with family members better.
  • More energy, so much energy. I can’t stop myself singing or dancing sometimes.
  • Making gains. I’m a pretty skinny dude, and since I started exercising like a month and a half ago I’ve managed to gain about 8 pounds. Making good progress.
  • More attention from girls. I catch girls looking my way more often, some of them blush when they talk to me. Also going on my second date with my crush this weekend, which leads me to
  • Increased libido, stronger erections.
  • Better performance in school. Grades have shot up.

That’s about all the major benefits I’ve noticed. This thread probably doesn’t give you a good idea of just how great life feels at the moment compared to before. Persevere my friends and you can feel the same. Onwards & upwards.

LINK – 150 days since my last fap

by 29jan17neveragain