Age 15 – Mental clarity, better habits, less brain fog and more discipline!!


I am currently on Day 404 of NoFap. As a sophomore in high school now, life has been so productive and great. My brain is growing faster than my body, spiritually and intellectually. My brain craves new information every day. And masturbation and porn I have now quit permanently. They mean nothing to me now, having NO POWER. This goes to show that these urges you are getting, they will NOT last forever.

However, they will not go away, but they will become EXTREMELY tame and practically unnoticeable most of the time. My urges as of now are not as powerful and controlling as they once were. Life is going at a great pace for me, not too fast, yet not too slow. I have been more happy in life than I ever have been… all thanks to NoFap. I was once a video game addicted, chronic porn user and wanker, having no purpose in life and no drive to do anything, and at the time i didn’t even know it. But as the Icelandic proverb states, “a life without discipline, is a life without honour”. And to that i agree because without this, and this amazing community, i would still be going nowhere.

I want to say, i am proud of every single one of you, who fight through this terrible addiction that has consumed the modern generation for years at a time. You guys are ahead of the game because you have realised that porn and masturbation, while many say is “healthy”, it is actually mentally and physically draining. So keep fighting brothers and become the man (or woman) you all dream to be!

What I have learned:

  • Our libido shouldn’t be something we waste on porn, it is a magnificent energy we have been blessed to be given and we should use it wisely, in all aspects of life. Such as your hobbies.
  • Women are people too, and as much as porn defaces them, they are beautiful in very many aspects, not just the ones us men are used to seeing….. cough porn cough. They all are different and getting to know them is an amazing experience. I truly respect them.
  • (unrelated) I tried marijuana for the first time back in August, had way too much, and became aware of my own existence and spirit. It was an out of body experience that both traumatised me but at the same time, gave me some sort of acceptance about life and death. But seriously though, to all 15 year old’s alike, don’t do drugs haha.
  • I realised the key beginning to true physical and mental healthiness is boiled down to 3 simple things. Exercise, Diet and Sleep. And meditation is also amazing for your body and mind. I recommend reading the book called “The Ripple Effect” by Greg Wells. I learned a lot and i am creating habits for myself that are good, and eliminating bad ones. Such as my internet addiction, so i am getting rid of my smartphone soon, and will try life without having one for a little while, let’s see how i cope.

In the meantime, I wish you all luck on your journey’s and may life treat you well from here on!

I used to be failing during elementary school, now im getting 80s and 90s all in my classes! Most of the guys in my grade are either farmers, druggies or both lol. There are some good people though 🙂

As a teenager and throughout this journey, I’ve realized there is so much more to life than sex and girls… and its been hard but over this year I’ve come to terms with that and am now putting my sexual energy into more important stuff… like my passion of music and fitness.

TLDR: I don’t need nor have time for a girlfriend right now. But i will get one once i got my life figured out.

Whenever i workout, the sexual energy i have is tranferred into whatever workout i am doing, for example, when i go for my runs, i astonish myself on how long my body could actually run for and i improve faster.

as well, i have much better mental clarity, because instead of your mind always thinking about women and masturbating, since that is a bad habit now my body is ridden of, my brain is preoccupied on much more productive things, such as my appearance, and my hobbies of guitar playing, exercise and my diet.

Get new hobbies or pursue your current hobbies more. Exercise, no matter how lightly, just to push your body. Eat foods for nutrients, not for taste. And try and go to bed early and get 8-9 hours of sleep. I find waking up early makes you feel sooo much better instead of saying up late. And delete social media imo. 🙂

i feel as though my video game addiction was due to my pmo addiction, since its also where you access porn. I play all my video games on my PC, and evidently i watch all my porn on my PC. So since i quit porn, i also gave up video games cuz i had to discipline myself off my computer. I know i didnt have to do it this way but it made NoFap so much easier just getting off video games in general.

LINK – I am 15 years old and I have not masturbated in over a year.

By Pop437