Age 15 – Social anxiety reduced very fast, Spend more time with family & friends, See women differently, Academics improved

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It’s incredible how i got to this day, day 95. What I can say about these almost 100 days is that was one of my hardest periods of my life. Benefits of quitting PMO:

1. My skin colour really improved.

2. I start seeing a woman or a girl not like a toy anymore, or like a slave. I realised that females are human being too. They have a soul too. They need love and attention just like us, males. But how dressed, sometimes really freaks me out. The dresses are more and more shorter, the pants are more and more slimmer, and that just to freak males out. And this is their foul not just ours.

3. My anxiety reduced very fast.
I think that this is one of the best benefits, quitting porn instantly gives you. Now i can talk to girls and boys very easy and i can say that now I’m anxious free.
I even went to a date with a girl, me, who last year, couldn’t speak to a girl front in front…. Yeah, big improvement.

4. I’m more stronger psychically.
I think more now, and meditate more. I analyze every situation and

5. I start to learn more for school and exams.

6. I am really happy with my new life and this makes me very proud of myself and gives me more confidence.

7. I learned how to defeat P and m and how they destroy my life. I also learned how to stop failing against P and m substitutes.

8. I have more control over my life. I can handle my decisions easier but I still need to work on how to spend my time.

9. I spend more time with friends and family.

10. I found friends and people who are fighting with the same struggles as I do. This community, NoFap, is one of the best thinks that happened in my life. You people are really great. I really appreciate that I was helped with tips and advices since the first day I entered this community.

1. Taking decision.
I think that taking decisions, like to fap, or not to fap, was the biggest struggle for me. I just ended 3 times touching my p but never masturbate. But all is  just decisions we take, you choose if you look at that dirty picture or not, or to think about sexy lady, it’s just our choice.

2. Wet dreams.
Wet dreams really helped me to get free from all that pressure but in the same time it makes me more horny cause I was always thinking about that
dreams and tried to remember what I saw.

3. Staring at girls.
At first, this wasn’t such a big urge for me but with the time, i couldn’t resist the temptation and sometimes, just failed and looked at girls butt or tits, without fighting hard enough to beat the urge.

It wasn’t easy my journey, but with the help of God and yours I overcome PMO. I was helped and I help too. Thanks guys for all your support.

I will upload daily, the last 5 days ’till I’ll get to 100 days. Hope I won’t relapse until then )

LINK – 15 years old male, and countdown to 100 days

by Ihatepmo