Age 15 – Strong minded, confident, motivated and healthier

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When I started NoFap on this streak I was the oddball kid at school who hung around with his own friends, was shy and didn’t talk to people very often. Over time I have become way more confident and I am willing to talk to people that I have never talked to before at my school. I

concentrate a thousand times more in class and I do much more exam revision. NoFap granted me this extra motivation for this studying.

I have started doing muscular exercises and the guys in the changing room for gym class noticed my slight six pack. I have strived to do more exercise by cycling 12 miles in total for going to school and back (19.3 km). I have also started eating more fruits, vegetables and carbohydrates and I have cut down on sugary fatty foods somewhat.

Personally I have found NoFap relativity easy for the 90 day streak. I have had zero strong urges and haven’t clicked on any NSFW links by “accident.” I feel that I am lucky because I have been on NoFap only twice (once a 43 day and this one a 90 day).

I started watching porn when I was 12; started masturbation when I was 14 and I’m 15 now. I didn’t really feel addicted to it but I decided to stop anyway because of the negative effects. In total  I’ve had 133 NoFap days.

I now feel like that I am accepted and liked in my school year’s “hierarchical” system rather than feeling that nobody likes me.

I feel more strong minded, confident, motivated and healthy since starting NoFap 90 days ago. Thanks for reading guys.

My sex life is yet to begin as I am 15. I am confident that I will destroy this addiction before It consumed my adult life. I can’t believe that I have actually made it this far. Thank you guys for the motivation and great community.

LINK – 90 day report

By DubstepperGT20