Age 15 – Stronger mentally, happier, more focused and energetic

I feel much better without fapping. I’m happier, more energetic and more focused. Anyway, to make it easier for you guys, I’ll give you some tips that, I hope, will be useful on your journey.

  1. You must be very patient and determined on this journey. Discipline is the key, not motivation. Remember, it’s not about the counter, it’s about you becoming stronger mentally, allowing you to do things you couldn’t do before – you know, like, uh, leveling up I guess.
  2. Use the tools. You see, to strengthen your willpower and your self-control, you can use these “mental” tools. For example,

-taking cold showers. By doing this, you get used to being uncomfortable. You see, things in life are hard and uncomfortable, but they are rewarding. Things that are easy (like fapping) only feel good in the moment, but you feel depressed afterwards. Also, you get a free boost in immunity and %cold resistance.

-Meditating. By meditating, you become more focused and slightly happier.

-Socializing. You feel much better when you’re with your friends and family.

-Exercising. Either to boost your strength, endurance or agility, exercising is great way to use your energy, so it isn’t used for fapping instead.

  1. Use the emergency button. Highly useful and recommended.
  2. Listen to music. It soothes your mind.
  3. Just remember how you’ll feel afterwards. It isn’t worth it, is it?
  4. No excuses. Don’t bullshit yourself.
  5. Use your anger to fuel your willpower. Are you tired of this repetitive shit? Who’s in charge of your body, you, or your urges? Come on, are you gonna be a wimp who always chooses to do easy things in life, or are you gonna be the tough guy who’s willing to sacrifice himself to achieve something?
  6. Combine NoFap with something else. Let’s say, no video games, TV and phone for a month. Just be sure to replace these with some hobbies.

Well, that’s it for now. If I find any new techniques on overcoming your urges, I’ll let you guys know. Oh, and thank you guys for even existing. You guys are a great community and are always friendly and willing to help someone you don’t even know. Keep up with the good work guys. Stay strong, cheers!

LINK – 100 days – report, and some pro tips

by Icymushroom